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Holidays: Whyville Style

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If you were able to log on and visit a chat room on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day, you would have noticed the cute, animated candy cane popping up every few minutes.

Once you clicked the candy cane, the cutest thing appeared. What you got was antlers as well as a circular, red nose on your avatar. And another great addition, the phrase that re-appeared every five minutes:

While others enjoyed throwing a few candy canes at friends, and enjoying daily conversation, other mischievous Whyvillians *rawrx3* thought it would be a lovely surprise for oncoming citizens to be barraged by candy canes. With some help from other Whyvillians, a sizable lump of candy canes was thus formed.

As I was going through chat rooms and BBS, I saw many unique and festive avatars roaming around. I decided to hold a mini-BBS BC of sorts for a prize of 50k each for the top four looks.

And the winning,lovely Whyvillians who I made a collage for are:

Winners: shugalump, Girlyleo, lilSeth, and ThatsEpic

Honorable mentions go out to the other festively decorated avatars, whom I also made another collage for:

Mentions: lvleowMix, Lavaness, Leprosy, lizzy501, HotTrent1, and xoxkitkat.

This was a recap of the day for those who missed out on the Whyville fun. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday break, and cannot wait to see what's in store for next year!

Author's Note: Whyvillians in the photograph: Faybanned, rawrx3, dance633, haileydee, Reannasky, and xxkyliexx.


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