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2012: The Magic of a Moment

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Every year is different from the years before it. With each one comes challenges to face, lessons to learn, and laughs to share. When we look back years from now, there will always be certain moments sharply engrained into our minds amidst the blur of days gone by, and 2012 is far from an exception.

Words could be thrown around, sentence upon sentence constructed, and even novels written on the exciting things that went on this past year, even in our little community of Whyville! But I've always been a firm believer in the saying "A picture's worth a thousand words", so what better way to tell the story of 2012 than a yearbook?

There's nothing like a good laugh with people we care about! LILBIT302 was kind enough to share her own funny memory.

"My funniest memory on Whyville would have to be scaring my little sister. As does most Whyvillians, I have more than one account. So my sister and I were both on Whyville at the same time and I was using a back up account. I started talking to her and she had no idea who I was. She kept asking me how I new her name and age. After a couple of minutes she ran into my room to tell me about her "Whyville stalker". I picked on her for days!"

This past summer, citizens were treated with an awesome new game - Wilson City Rescue! Whyvillians could run around trying to protect the citizens of Wilson from hazardous situations to earn clams and try to earn the prestigious rank of Fire Chief.

Hardworking citizen, ThatsEpic, was the very first Whyvillian to earn this title and receive the coveted Fire Chief helmet! When asked about completing this arduous task, she replied, "[It's] time consuming, but totally worth it! ;D" Hail to the chief!

Accident-prone citizens aren't the only things that came with Wilson though. The best parts can be found hidden in the corners and crevices of the game. When you first enter into the city, you'll find a small little duck guarding over the sign - although he may not be as innocent as he seems. Given the name Howard Bigfoot by City Worker, Keine, this duckling might just bite your fingers off if you get too close!

And one couldn't forget the big grizzly bear, Fredward! I tracked down Jts2000 to help tell Fredward's story.

"We call him Fredward Menson, but why you ask? It all started when xoxkitkat, HotTrent1, and I were walking through the deep and dark forests of Wilson city. We couldn't believe what we saw! A bear was up and ready to attack. Of course we didn't run though. Instead, we brainstormed names. Debbie, I suggested, but my 2 friends shook their virtual heads. After more names were suggested, we decided to name the bear Fredward. 'FREDWARD MENSON,' Trent said. 'Menson?' we asked, 'Didn't you mean Benson?' Trent's fail stuck though, and our beloved bear is now called Fredward Menson!"

Another cool new addition to Whyville this year were WhyTops! These were real life t-shirts one could buy that came with virtual face parts so you and your avatar could match. WhyTop owner, xBLxFREAK reminisced about her purchase.

"I purchased the Which One Are You? - Blue and it was awesome. :)"

It's hard to imagine all the different things the City Workers did this year between putting up new games like Wilson City and Project Tricho, to bringing us things like parties and trivia, and being helpful when we had questions or complaints. Not to mention the little moments where they would break to say and show off their awesome personalities! Troubies expressed his gratitude for a cool new feature.

"My favorite thing the CWs did this year was the scaling thing in pick your nose."

The one thing I'll never stop loving about Whyville is the opportunity to take charge of your experience and make it fun for you and your friends. There's no better feeling for me than setting up something that can be fun for me and my friends! Gabbi1o1 shared her memories of friendship!

"I think my favorite Whyville memory would be making a lot of new friends. Over the course of this year, I've met a couple of people and we have become very good friends. I appreciate them so much and I love talking to them. I also loved the prom that ThePoc held!"

I've always felt what set Whyville apart from other sites was its warm sense of community. I know the friendships I've made on here will always be my favorite Whyville memory. Here are the faces of Whyville to share their favorite memories.

Pengwhen: There's so much fun jokes and such running around on Whyville, but one of my top favorite was when the BBSers raided whyville chat rooms and 'took over.'

Bibi4evr: Probably between seeing Times Writer under my avatar and getting a birthday shoutout from coolethan for Trivia, even though I couldn't make it.

Lyragold2: My favorite Whyville memory from this year has got to be going on the [senate] campaign trail and helping campaign!

CAIR0: I got 100 face factory vouchers for Christmas!

HotTrent1: Writing for the Whyville Times is my favorite memory in Whyville.

Vancyon: My favorite memory this year is from the first week of April this year. Senate nominations were announced, everyone had a flashy new medal, and we celebrated by dancing on the walls of the sun roof! Everyone was on the border, trying to 'push' the wall much like they did in club why once. It was very fun.

As 2012 quickly draws to a close, I can only hope that 2013 will bring as many exciting and heart-warming memories, laughs, and friendships. I wish you all a bright and happy new year, and many more to come!


Author's Note: Thank you to all those who shared their memories and to HopeLuvs, Keilah, and DeadSnaiI for helping provide pictures.


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