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A Plunge Into The Unknown

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Never have I met anyone without a fear of the unknown. Whether it's a fear of the future, something uncertain, undetermined or out of reach everyone has at one point or another has been afraid of the unforeseen. I've been thinking about this for some time and wondering why we have this fear. What is the cause? How can it be cured?

There was only one answer I came up with. I realized that you can gain knowledge from reading and broaden your horizons by listening to other people. However you can read, listen, think or imagine all you like but without having been somewhere or done something you cannot ever have experienced something for yourself.

We fear things we are unfamiliar with because we lack knowledge on the subject and therefore do not truly understand it. The only way to properly cure a fear of the unknown is through discovery. Once you open yourself up to the knowledge you seek you will gain the answers.

I often wonder what it's like to being fully grown and independent. It's an exciting and thrilling thought. However it also scares me. What if life doesn't turn out to be what I wanted it to be? What if I don't fulfill my dreams? What if . . . what if it's cold outside, alone?

In our lifetime we experience doubt, set-backs, pain, confusion and expectations that are left unfulfilled. However the future is unforeseen. Unless we take a chance and do something we believed was beyond us we will never really know what the outcome is.

You cannot sit back and let things evolve around you. Chase the things you desire fast and far until you catch them. Involve yourself in the endless possibilities the future holds. Don't let the mere fact that something is out of the ordinary or reach scare you.

To face the fear of the unknown you must open yourself up to things that go further beyond what you've always known. Seek the knowledge you have not already found. You must travel to places far and distant. See things you've never imagined. Do things you've never dreamt of doing. Have the courage to embrace the future.

A fear of the unknown can be conquered.

May you face your fears in the New Year, shed no tears and follow a safe and happy path. Folks, it's time to take a plunge into the unknown.

Bring on 2013,

Author's Note: "What lies behind us is insignificant to what lies before us." Happy New Year!


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