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The Girl Who Doesn't Talk

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So many people think of me as "that girl who never talks". If you were to say that to one of my friends, they would think you were the most insane person in the world. If you ever bothered to get to know me, you would come to realize just how wrong you are. Maybe you would get to see how I often say too much! But no . . . instead all you want to say to me is, "Why don't you talk?"

You think I don't notice. But I do. I should be the one asking questions. Like why do you talk behind your friend's back? Or why do you have to gossip about every little thing that doesn't even matter? Or why you are so oblivious to everything but yourself? You don't realize that it's not that I don't talk. It's that I don't talk to you. Because I simply do not want to talk to people like that. I avoid people like that, and sadly, that seems to be so many people. I am not like any of you. You will not find me talking bad about my friends when they aren't around. You will not find me gossiping about who said what to whom. And you will certainly not find me talking about all my selfish needs. That's just not who I am.

I'd rather be alone than succumb to your ways. And that is just what I've already chosen. When you see me by myself, it's not because I'm incapable of talking. It's not because I'm shy. It's not because I have no friends. It's because loneliness is better to me than conforming to you. And although I do have some friends, I will never have as many as you. But I will never stab them in the back. And I know they will never do that to me. I'll have comfort in knowing that . . . comfort you most likely won't experience.

So before you come up to me to ask the question I have come to hate, think about what you are doing. Do you even honestly care? Or are you just asking because you want to make it your business as if everything revolves around you? Otherwise, don't bother asking me because I obviously don't bother asking you.


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