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I thought I'd write a Times article about a really good friend of mine on Whyville, Nicole, a.k.a. FoOsTrEaM.

I've known Nicole for a number of months now. We didn't get along at first but eventually we became friends. Nicole is a crazy (in a good way), she's hilarious and fun to be around.

Nicole lives in Pennsylvania. Nicole is obsessed with One Direction, once you get to know her it's just about the only thing she talks about. She loves animals, and has 'Connectional bond' with them. She loves plushies and hoodies. This crazy girl is really into reading and music, as you already know due to her mad obsession with One Direction.

This sixteen year old, has been on Whyville since '07. She's one of the smartest people I've ever met on this site. She gives really good advice and is a good listener. You should certainly make friends with her.

Nicole tries to make people feel better about themselves, which is one of a hundred things I like about her. She never fails to put a smile on my face.

Fun facts about Nicole.

- Her thumbs are double jointed. (Crazy but cool)
- When she laughs real hard, she makes a snorting pig sound. (Awkward)
- She's Native American, Italian and Irish (which explains her love for Niall in one Direction.)

To Nicole: It's been fantastic being friends with someone like you. I enjoy our conversations on so many different topics: accents, geography, history, music.

Author's Note: I'm still better than her in Geography.


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