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Inspirational Music and Favorite Singers

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Music can help with every day lives, especially when the songs have morals or meanings to them to help people get over their problems. Music can be inspiring to many people. Music can help people in all stages in life; it can encourage people to become what they want to become. Different music inspires different people while going through different things.

I enjoy pretty much every type of music. My favorite singer/songwriter would have to be Cashtastic. Even though he's not extremely well known I find his music inspiring and amazing. He discusses hard things in life in pretty much all his songs. His songs are beautifully written; every song has a moral or a meaning to it, which is one of many things I enjoy about his songs. Cashtastic lives in South London and is just eighteen. I've been listening to his music since I heard his song "Talk About Pain" last year, but his music career began before that. His music is very unique although I could compare it to Krept's music. Not only because Krept's style in music is like Cashtastic, it's also because they've been through pretty much the same problems, their songs both have similar morals and meanings. I also enjoy worldwide music as well. I enjoy songs by Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga and a lot more.

I've interviewed two really intelligent Whyvillians, to find out about their favorite singers.

Honeybbz9: Who is your favorite singer(s)?

Dahcutie: It's a band, The Fray.
lilpcdoll: My favorite singer in the entire world is . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . wait . . . for . . . it . . . Lady Gaga!

Honeybbz9: Where is he/she from, and are they world famous?

Dahcutie: They are from America. I would consider them to be pretty well-known around America but I don't think they have expanded too far from that.
lilpcdoll: Lady Gaga is from New York City. Lady Gaga started out her career the US in 2008, after a few months, her music started hitting record breaking charts and was known world-wide.

Honeybbz9: Do their songs have meanings/morals you can relate to?

Dahcutie: Yes. The songs that they sing have deep meanings and touch many topics such as suicide, heartbreak, and insecurity. Some of their songs are uplifting and makes you feel like there is still hope left. I can deeply relate and connect with some of their songs.
lilpcdoll: Gaga's songs always have a meaning. A lot of musicians take their songs personally and reflect their life and experiences in their music. You can tell that Gaga definitely puts a piece of herself into her music, as well as teaching meaningful lessons all inspired by the quote "Born this way," meaning, be yourself and love yourself.

Honeybbz9: How long have you been listening to their music?

Dahcutie: I have been listening to them just for the past year (2012). Although I have heard their music prior to 2012 it was the year I took my time to really listen to them and take something from it.
lilpcdoll: I've listened to Gaga since the very beginning of her career. From songs such as "Just Dance", "Poker Face", and "Bad Romance", I couldn't help but to fall in love with her as an artist.

Honeybbz9: What is it about their music that grabs your attention so much?

Dahcutie: The personality/emotions expressed throughout the songs. It makes me enjoy it so much more. The lead singer Isaac Slade is able to throw his voice to different pitches to make it truly amazing.
lilpcdoll: Gaga, as you may know, is very edgy. She's not afraid to step over the line of reality and theater. She's realistic, while also being herself. It's her character and confidence that made me fall in love with her.

Honeybbz9: Finally, what other artist would you compare your favorite to and why?

Dahcutie: They definitely have a unique sound but they somewhat remind me of Lifehouse. I think so because they choose songs with the same style.
lilpcdoll: A lot of singers have taken pieces from Lady Gaga and created themselves. You can't really compare Lady Gaga to anyone because she's an original pop icon. What I can do is recommend artist that have some what of the same style. Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, and a lot of other great artist are next in line for my favorite singers, but Gaga will always be #1 for me.

Thank you Dahcutie and Lilpcdoll, for putting so much effort into your answers. Hopefully now you can see how inspiring music really is. Who's your favorite singer? Let me know.


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