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The Raven Island Treasure Hunt

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On Friday January 4th and during the subsequent weekend, there was a treasure hunt held at Raven Island. Strange masks were placed in several chat rooms to remind Whyvillians about the treasure hunt. Gift boxes appeared throughout Raven Island, and when Whyvillians clicked on the boxes, they received prizes such as projectiles, clams, Face Factory Vouchers (FFVs) and even Pearls!

Despite the fact that these great prizes were being given out, I thought the turnout was low compared to other treasure hunts held throughout the year. For instance, during annual treasure hunts for St. Patrick's Day and Canada Day, chat rooms are usually full of Whyvillians who wake up early to hunt for four-leaf clovers and gold maple leaves. The low turnout was most likely due to Whyville's annual Winter Party which was also held this past Friday and during the weekend.

I decided to interview some Whyvillians about the Raven Island Treasure Hunt:

holiday50: Did you participate in the Treasure Hunt? If so, what did you think of it?

toxicants: Yeah, I did! I thought it was really fun and exciting.
DahCutie: Yes. I thought it was a nice opportunity to visit Raven Island and try to get pearls and other prizes.
DianaRAWR: Yes. I thought it was really fun, and it was funny that everyone was walking around as heads so they could move faster.
UnIeash: Yes, I did. I think it is great. If only there were more rooms for us to collect the boxes.

holiday50: Did you find any gift boxes? If so, what did you win?

toxicants: I mostly won projectiles and clams from the gift boxes, and occasionally pearls.
DahCutie: I found quite a few. Most of them consisted of various unneeded projectiles and small amount of clams. I did happen to grab a few pearls though.
DianaRAWR: I found a few gift boxes. And they were all balloon projectiles.
UnIeash: I won clams and projectiles but not any pearls which I am disappointed in.

holiday50: Did you face any challenges in the Treasure Hunt? If so, what were they?

toxicants: Yeah. A lot of people made multiple accounts in the same room so they'd have a better chance at picking up the gift boxes and that was annoying.
DahCutie: I wouldn't consider it a challenge but sometimes I would wait for a gift and someone else would grab it before me.
DianaRAWR: Well, I faced a tiny challenge. It was that I was always typing or on "brb" whenever a box appeared.
UnIeash: Yes, there were not enough rooms for us to collect the boxes.

holiday50: Why do you think there was such a low turnout?

toxicants: I think maybe because people were too lazy to wait for the gift boxes or they didn't think they would find any.
DahCutie: The wait in order to grab a gift is rather boring and the prizes are rather small. If a room is crowded then it may be harder to get a gift. The prizes awarded are 10-15 clams, projectiles and 5-10 pearls. They don't seem to appeal to most Whyvillians who have plenty of clams/pearls.
DianaRAWR: I think there was such a low turnout because Whyville is running out of ideas.
UnIeash: Because people literally fight for the rooms. Everyone wants to basically get pearls and I don't blame them. But there is not enough rooms. However, I believe we should share them but it gets testy.

holiday50: Despite the challenges you faced, would you recommend participating in the Treasure Hunt to other Whyvillans?

toxicants: Definitely! It's a good way to earn clams, pearls and projectiles! I'd say it's fairly easy and everyone should participate in it.
DahCutie: Yes. It is an easy thing to do and doesn't require much effort. It's a great opportunity to get pearls without purchasing or winning from a contest.
DianaRAWR: Of course, I enjoy treasure hunts.
UnIeash: Absolutely. Everyone should have a chance to experience this great trivia that happens only once in a while.

If you missed the Raven Island Treasure Hunt, do not worry! These treasure hunts are held every few months so look for it to be advertised on the Welcome Page. Also, City Hall will most likely e-mail you about the event as she did this past Friday.

See you at the next Raven Island Treasure Hunt!


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