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The Best Medicine

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"Laughter is the best medicine," Dr Laughalot is not joking when he gives this advice. A healthy dose of laughter everyday can bring out a positive attitude, improve health and add years to your life. Over the centuries comedy has been used to entertain. In recent times it's been discovered that laughing can not only make us happier, but also healthier.

Why should we laugh? Throughout his studies, Doctor Laughalot has discovered that laughter works not only well for your mind but also for your body. Laughter is great exercise. A giggle here and there speeds up your metabolism and heart rate. Laughter has been found to reduce the likelihood of heart disease and lower your blood pressure. Laughter is also great for your social life by helping build relationships and helping people come together.

How can we laugh more often? Humor has been around for as long as humans have been and laughter can be found in the simplest of places. We laugh when friends do silly things, at comedy shows, or when something unexpected happens. Different people have a different opinion on what is funny. So I've interviewed two of my favorite Whyville funnies to discover their take on this topic:

Zicker: In what ways has humor made your life more enjoyable?

MrCowboy: Humor has made me who I am today: a wild, goofy, nutty Cowboy.
TheFunny1: Well when I graduated High School I was nicknamed Funny and now it's my new name.

Zicker: What types of things make you laugh?

MrCowboy: I enjoy older comedy such as ventriloquism {Jeff Dunham} and some other jokes.
TheFunny1: I enjoy jokes, pranks, gags and comments.

Zicker: What's your favorite joke, pun, or witty comment?

TheFunny1: Nothing beats the classic pie in the face.
MrCowboy: Well that's a tough one. I have thought about this for a sec and have come to the fact that there are way too many.

Zicker: What's the most memorable funny experience you've had?

TheFunny1: Pies thrown at my friends. After they cooled down it was funny.
MrCowboy: WAY too many.

Zicker: What would you suggest to a serious person to help them to add some humor into their life?

TheFunny1: Laugh every chance you get.
MrCowboy: Enjoy life. You obviously love Oreos.

Laughter truly is contagious. No sneeze or cough could ever compare to the way a wholehearted laugh infects others in a room. There's nothing like a good laugh to raise your spirits and immediately feel happier. Thank you, MrCowboy and TheFunny1 for taking the time to answer the questions. Remember: A generous amount of laughter a day, will keep the dreaded Dr Laughalot and his strange sense of humor away!

Author's Note: If you would like to discover the importance of laughter go to this site:

If you are new to this thing we call 'laughter' this will be an entertaining site:


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