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Polluting in Public

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"Smoking in a public place is like peeing in a public pool."

We've all seen it - the lips forming a pout to kiss the tiny cylinder, pulling the contents in, consuming the ash and spitting it out in a stream of smoke. It travels, to the annoyance of a passer-by into their nostrils, depositing the ash in the lungs.

Everyone has been a victim of this. Everyone has been what's called a 'passive' or 'second-hand' smoker. A passive smoker is not someone who smokes, but someone who is unfortunate enough to have to inhale the smoke coming off someone else's cigarette butt.

Any kind of smoking is bad. It pollutes the air and our lunges. A cigarette contains harmful chemicals. By smoking regularly you can badly damage your skin, decrease your energy levels and reduce your life expectancy. (These are only a few of the bad health effects smoking causes.) Passively smoking can be just as dangerous and bad for your health. Both put you at risk of asthma and lung cancer.

People have the choice to smoke and the option not to. Why should people who choose not to have to breathe in the smoke and put themselves at risk of illnesses? Children and pregnant women are put at the most serious risk. Why should they have to be exposed to the harmful chemicals they don't want to smell?

If you're not a smoker, being near people smoking in a public place is not pleasant. If someone wants to smoke why can't they do in their own private yard or somewhere with few people?

Please, if you're going to pollute our waters do it in your own pool, not our beautiful sea.

Author's Note: Sources: http://www.cancercouncil.com.au/31907/reduce-risks/smoking-reduce-risks/tobacco-facts/second-hand-smoke-and-passive-smoking/?pp=


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