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Mumford & Sons

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Marcus Mumford was born in Anaheim, California on January 31, 1987. Six months later, he and his family moved to England, where Mumford's family was originally from. He met a band member, Ben Lovett, in King's College School when he lived in England. Marcus began his musical career while playing the drums for Laura Marling with the rest of the members of Mumford & Sons. The people he had performed with, besides Laura Marling, decided to create a group after important gigs and Mumford's early writing. He single-handedly formed a band and arranged musical performances to get his music heard. He had formed Mumford & Sons in December of 2007 with Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane.

How did Mumford & Sons get the name? Are the members related by family? No, but that is a very frequently asked question. They named part of their band's name "Mumford" because Marcus Mumford was the most popular of the group members at the time. "Sons" was brought up by Ben Lovett, saying that it would invoke a "family business name".

With no albums yet, Mumford & Sons opened for music acts in United Kingdom, America, and Australia. What they performed there became the album, "Sigh No More" over time. Mumford & Sons later signed licensing deals with several labels in 2009. The album was released in October of 2009 with "Little Lion Man" as the lead single.

Their work was recognized and "Little Lion Man" took them to Grammy nominations of Best New Artist and Best Rock Song. Sadly, they were left without a trophy, but left impressions as they performed "The Cave". The album rose to number two on Billboard Hot 200 chart after a week of the performance.

In 2011, Mumford & Sons took over United Kingdom market and toured the United States of America. The band took some time in Nashville, Tennessee to write their next album. It was planned to be released in late 2011, but the band was so busy with the tours that Mumford & Sons released "Babel" on September 24, 2012. The album was led by the single, "I Will Wait". The new album had the biggest selling debut of any album in 2012 in America. It had sold over 600,000 copies in the first week!

I am a fan of Mumford & Sons, myself. I highly enjoy their music and I listen to their lyrics every day. Some people may not like Mumford & Sons for whatever reason. Some of my favorite songs are "The Boxer", "The Cave", "Little Lion Man", "Thistle & Weeds", "White Blank Page", "I Gave You All", "Dust Bowl Dance", "Babel", "I will Wait", "Holland Road", "Hopeless Wanderer", "Broken Crown", and "Below My Feet". Those are my definite recommendations for those of you who are new to listening to this musical group. I did ask a few people to tell me what they think about Mumford & Sons, and why they feel that way. Here are some of my responses:

Here, I have MosttDope. He told me reasons why he liked Mumford & Sons. This is the response that I was given. He also added that his favorite member would be Marcus Mumford because he plays vocals, guitar, drums, and mandolin. He mentioned that he started listening to Mumford & Sons around 2011, and still loves their melodic tunes.

Next, I got punkrox33 to ask some questions. She is reciting her favorite lyrics from the song, "Little Lion Man". Later, she tells me that "Little Lion Man" is her favorite song because it makes her think a lot. She love Mumford & Sons because they're not a typical group of musicians. "The lyrics are about more things that have more meaning than ordinary songs on the radio."

I also got missradke to from the BBS. She doesn't have a favorite song, but she likes them because she likes alternative music.

This is the well-known Antier that everybody loves to hear from. I asked if she likes Mumford & Sons, and she said that she did not. I asked her why she didn't like the group, and this is the full Y-Mail that I received. She just doesn't see what all the talk is about.

Finally, I have mottie124. This Whyvillian has been widely known to love Mumford & Sons. As you can see, mottie124 really enjoys the band, and wishes that he can finally listen to them in person.

That's all for this week, Whyvillians! Don't be too much of a "Hopeless Wanderer" when you wander into the music of Mumford & Sons.

HotTrent1, signing out!

Author's Note: Thank you to MosttDope, punkrox33, missradke, Antier, and mottie124 for taking their time to tell be about their passion for Mumford & Sons. Also, some of the songs that I had referenced in the article may contain swearing. I would suggest a parent view the song or video before you do.



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