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Anger is taking over and the searing rage is starting to empower me. I'm the puppet on the wobbly string, perfect opportunity for anger. It acts as the ventriloquist by controlling my words and actions, causing me to say things I would not otherwise say, do things I would not otherwise do. Anger, the ventriloquist is fully in control. A string is fastened around my body, the helpless puppet. It thrashes in the air. Hitting, screaming, kicking and struggling for freedom.

There is a light inside of me, like a tiny spark. A hot headed creature inside of me is relentless to bust apart chains holding it back. The chains are weakening, smoke is steaming out of me and the firey creature is coming to life. This new creature is kept alive only by the sparks that feed energy off my original being. My burning soul is the fuel it uses to power the anger. My old, original self is screaming, struggling desperately to escape.

The new creature is too strong, too powerful. A weak, kind, loving heart always gives in to a heart of cruelty, fury and no remorse. The ventriloquist has the string fastened too tightly for me to escape now. The string itself is on fire, but it does not let me break free. Instead my body is trapped in a blanket of hot, billowing flames.

I am on fire - burning alive with anger. The angry creature that has replaced me roars flames at any spectators. The spectators are the ones my once weak heart used to love. They shout for water, act carefully, try to stomp out the flames and rescue the old me. Silly them. All their failed attempts, feeble, gone to waste, amounted to nothing. I burn them all with a quick whiff of fire.

One more puff and they're all scalding in flames, burning to ash, escaping in smoke clouds. I am sorry. Firey monster, the ventriloquist keeps breathing vile flames and scorching its enemies. I wish it would stop because its enemies are my friends. Firey creature, the ventriloquist does not care. The angry ventriloquist, the firey creature that took control of me is not sorry; but I am.


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