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Which Club Should I Join?

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Yes, the time has rolled in. All of the fall season sports are over and it's back to the basics. Clubs. Every school has them. Most are open to the entire student body. The only problem is which one to join!

At my school, all of the primary fall-only sports have ended (field hockey,cross country, football,soccer etc.) and most of the non-physical clubs started in order to keep clashing/over-flowing schedules among the students. Of course there are the winter (indoor-only) sports such as volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, wrestling etc., but what if you don't want to participate in any of these sports? Well I have a step-by-step guide to keep you from exploding under the pressure of choosing a new extra-curricular.

Step One

Locate a point of interest that you can relate with other students.

Do you love to draw? Do you have a burning passion for fashion? Or would you rather spend your days clicking away on a computer and help keep your fellow students emerged in the latest happenings in the world? Okay, so say I want to help out others in need, whether they are people across the globe or special needs children in my own school? Once I decided between the two I can move on to step two.

Step Two


Okay, so I decided that I want to help out the autistic children in my school. I can listen to the announcements in my school, talk to my guidance counselor, ask teachers, and even my peers. Does such a club even exist? Well after I asked my teachers, listened to the announcements and talked to the main office secretaries, I found out that there is a club called Friendship Club, where in which students can stay after school for an hour and play games with the special needs kids, cook yummy desserts, and eat lunch with them.

Step Three

Locate Openings.

Oh my goodness, did I miss the join-in date, while I was staying after school scoring goals? Or are new members welcome 24/7, I mean, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week? If I missed the join-in date, but I still want to join, I can ask the leader of the club if I could join, telling them that I missed the ending date? If they rudely turn you away, then maybe it wasn't meant to be? If a club is super exclusive, don't go jumping off the deep-end trying to impress the leaders, move on. Always have a back-up in case you're first choice backfires. But, if the leader of the club is nice enough, or the club doesn't have an ending date, then you can join!

Joining a club isn't hard at all, you just have to know where to start. Plus, at many schools, especially middle and high schools, you can get credits for joining! So with all of that said, HAPPY CLUBBING!


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