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City Workers

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Hello there, Whyvillians! You know me as Thinmin12. Today I am interviewing the lovely Whyvillians bibi4evr, msprinkle, Nicenfun! We know the City Workers. They keep Whyville running!

Thinmin12: Do you ever see visit with the City Workers?

Bibi4evr: I will see them occasionally popping up at South, but other than that I only see them at organized events like the monthly Meet The Makers and other events.
msprinkle: No not really. I see them once in awhile, I think they only come out to test something out on the site.
Nicenfun: I have seen quite a few City Workers in different chat rooms throughout my 9 years on Whyville! Some of them are no longer City Workers, but I have still seen my fair share of them.

Thinmin12: If you could chose a favorite, who would it be?

bibi4evr: I'm stuck at a tie between coolethan, and Amae.
msprinkle: I don't really have a favorite all of them are very nice and helpful.
Nicenfun: Hmm . . . That's a toughie! I like all of the City Workers because of what they do for Whyville, so I'm not sure who to pick! If I had to choose an absolute favorite, though, I would pick tesract for a variety of reasons!

Thinmin12: Why would that City Worker be your favorite?

bibi4evr: I can't pick between the two because coolethan is the host for Trivia which I enjoy immensly, and AMae runs the Times which I like to write for.
msprinkle: Same as above.
Nicenfun: Tesract would be my favorite because he is involved and communicates with us citizens in an appropriate manner and does his best to help out when necessary -- especially on the Forums!

Thinmin12: Do you respect the City Workers all the time, sometimes, or never?

bibi4evr: I'd have to go with all the time, because even if I do not agree with a new rule or whatever it may be, there is always a logical explanation/purpose behind it.
Msprinkle: I respect them not cause the fact they are a City Worker, cause the fact they run Whyville and if it wasn't for them maintaining the site there would be no Whyville.
Nicenfun: I always respect the City Workers. They are the ones who keep Whyville going and do their best to make it great for us. Although we don't always agree with some of their decisions and changes, they are doing what is best for us and the company. We should never hold that against them or be disrespectful towards them.

Thinmin12: Do you like some of the choices the City Workers make?

bibi4evr: As I mentioned before, I do not always agree with the choices made.
msprinkle: Well some what I think they should let the rules up a little, I think they are losing people due to the rules, and saying some word that are not even bad words. But other than that I think things can change, it's not like they are set in stone lol.

This has been Thinmin12, getting the tough stuff out!

Author's Note: This is a big shout out to all the City Workers that keep Whyville running! Thank you!


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