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Find That Robot!

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When I was a newbie in 2003, chatrooms such as the Pool Party, Playground, Greek Theatre and Beach South were always full of Whyvillans. But ever since the forum was introduced, the amount of Whyvillans in chatrooms has been declining. Well, Beach South has remained popular - I guess somethings never change. Whyville has a diversity of spaces including a Cafeteria, City Hall, and even the eight planets of the solar system! Some of these spaces are beautifully drawn; other spaces teach skills such as math, science and literature. Also, most spaces have adults or "robots" with unique personalities, experiences and professions. Hence, I have created a game to encourage Whyvillans to explore the numerous fun and diverse chatrooms on Whyville.


The object of this game is to find where the following robots are located. The first ten Whyvillans to y-mail me the correct chatroom that each robot is located in, will win 500 clams. The subject of the y-mail should be "Answers". The format of the y-mail should be "Level # - Picture # - Location"; for example, "Level 1 - #1 - Dr. Leila's". I encourage you to work with other Whyvillans; however, anyone who posts the answers in the BBS will be disqualified. The winners will be announced and the answers will be revealed in a future article. Good luck!

I hope you had fun exploring the multitude of chatrooms. When you spend time on Whyville, take some time to enjoy these chatrooms!



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