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The Lucky Bamboo

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My aunt's family comes scarcely throughout the year. So when they do come, it's extended and full of excitement. Last year we decided to go stroll around a flea market among other things. My cousin saw a feng shui store and immediately recommended my sisters and I get a bamboo plant.

The plant claims to hold lucky powers, but we got it mainly for aesthetic purposes. After their departure, we had bamboo sticks in a spiffy cup as a memento.

The reason why bamboo plants are considered lucky is because they bring peace and wisdom to your home. Wisdom, in this sense, is how to be as flexible and open so your spirit can flow, similar to how a bamboo plant grows.

Another benefit to the bamboo plant is that if you get the right one, it will contain all five feng shui elements: Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal.

- The Wood is the bamboo plant
- The Earth is the rocks inside the cup
- The Water is what the bamboo grows in
- The Fire is the red ribbon found on the plant
- Metal is the glass pot in the plant

Through this research, I realized that my plant has no red present. So unless the red painted on the bird figurine can account for fire, I am missing the five elements.

However, it's not really disappointing seeing as how the rate at which the plant is growing overshadows that bit.

I can't wait until the next gathering so I can show my cousin how that tiny, little bundle of bamboo stalks became this:

Author's Note: The great thing about this plant is that inside the cup is a pile of rocks, along with already stored water. The only responsibility for the plant is to occasionally spray the leaves with water. Source: http://fengshui.about.com/od/fengshuicures/p/fengshuibamboo.htm


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