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It is said that childhood is the best time of life. I loved being a child. No homework burdens, no coaching classes, only a morning school full of activities, no scolding, all demands are fulfilled, no exam, everyone loves you, and above all, no tension. I wished if I could stay a little kid forever. I myself loved my childhood. I wanted to know what someone else like me thinks on this matter. So I interviewed five Whyvillians on childhood.

rockslife: Did/do you enjoy your life as a child?

Hansonn: Yes, just you have your ups and downs in life.
thezebra: Yes, it was fun and I felt very free and unjudged.
smilz18: I'm 14, so I guess not considered a child anymore. Yes I enjoyed it a lot. It was really adventurous.
Mariet97: I mostly enjoyed it minus some rough parts such as parents divorcing.

rockslife: Why did you like/hate being a child?

Hansonn: You don't have to pay anything. Haha! Well my family has always told me enjoy life as a youngling as you can.
thezebra: I liked not worrying what others thought and not caring about anything unimportant.
smilz18: I liked it because my family always went on different vacations. We've been to Niagara Falls, India, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and less interesting, Chicago, to visit my cousins.
Mariet97: I liked it due to having a loving family and a ton of fun things to explore.

rockslife: Do you agree that childhood is the best time of our life? Why?

Hansonn: Yes. It' s when you get introduced to the real world.
thezebra: I don't think I'll know that till I am older. Because I have only lived for such a short time, I would be impossible for me to know now.
smilz18: Not for everyone. Some kids get abused everyday. And when they're old enough and mature enough, they would move out. Some people's childhoods are amazing, some are not. Abuse, or anything else, like I said previously.
Mariet97: I agree with this because there is less stress and no worries when you are a child. As you mature, there are more complications and heartbreaks.

rockslife: What was/is your favorite activity and hobby as a child?

Hansonn: Swimming and hanging out with my bros (friends).
thezebra: Going on the tube to see landmarks around London!
smilz18: Besides the vacations, I had a boring life. I didn't have hobbies, but my brother collected toy cars. I usually just watched TV and played with my barbie dolls or something.
Mariet97: Watching TV and going out to eat were things I enjoyed as a child.

rockslife: Do you want to live like a child forever and why?

Hansonn: Not forever because, I won't do the things I planned on doing in my life; I have a lot of things in my life I have to do.
thezebra: I don't think so, I like being older and responsible.
smilz18: I'd like to live as a 14 year old forever, not a child. Only because I feel more mature this way. when I was a kid, I barely understood what was going on. Now that I've grown up a little, my parents can tell me about their problems and I can help them.
Mariet97: I wish I could because I wouldn't have to go through all the heartbreaks and all this stress.

Thanks for reading, rockslife.


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