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City Hall Going on Strike?

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City Hall Going on Strike?
The story on the unsubstantiated rumor of the retreat of City Hall

by Vanilla
Times Reporter

There is hot news on the market and it is fresh! This info was provided from a source that wishes to remain anonymous, by the way. The information I am about to tell you is not proven, known, or absolutely true, but an unsubstantiated rumor.

You all probably know about how some of your items have disappeared, and you can't get them back because they are sold out. Well, many people complained to City Hall, and that has made her pretty upset. Says source, "City Hall has been griping about how so many people have complained to her about this incident. Apparently, she has done all she can to better the situation..." and that is true.

Many people might remember a LONG mail that City Hall typed up about the issue. Many people, however, ignored it and trashed it and decided to rebel against City Hall with rude complaints, which is probably why she is so upset. City hall spent HOURS working on this problem, trying to solve it but many Whyvillians just kicked dirt in her face.

Here's how she tried to solve things: City Hall started receiving loads of mail from angry citizens on why their things were missing. She sent out a long Y-Note on why this was happening, and how she had fixed it by reimbursing everyone with clams and putting these items on their bank statement as "Disaster Compensation". She has had to put up with a lot, and is not getting credit, but literally getting screamed at.

The result of these actions is that City Hall MIGHT and I mean MIGHT go on strike. MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT! I am not going to be part of a mad hysteria of rumors so don't get me involved. I just received this information from a very reliable source.

I have a suggestion to all this: STOP BEING SO MEAN TO CITY HALL! She has been loyal and faithful to our community and has done nothing, NOTHING to do any less than that. I think that everyone that has been rude to her needs to apologize to her.

I am going to start something where we all send positive Y-mail to City Hall and let her know how special she is to us. If you want to do this, do it! It's not that difficult! I also think that part of the reason why City Hall might go on strike is because she is tired of being surrounded by people that are rude, obnoxious, and downright unappreciative. I am NOT speaking for City Hall when I say that, so don't get that idea.

Your Devoted Reporter,



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