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Mardi Gras in Whyville

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I was just logging on to Whyville, like the usual twenty times a day. Today seemed off to me for some reason. I just couldn't point my finger at it. I scanned the Home Page, and I was rather surprised. Whyville had decided to celebrate Mardi Gras! If my memory is correct, which it usually is not, then I would say that this celebration hasn't happened on Whyville! So I'll be showing you the first Mardi Gras on Whyville!

This is the mysterious sign that surprised me. My first instinct was to click the sign. But, right before my finger clicked the mouse, I noticed the fashion of the Whyvillians in the sign. With my curious mind, I wanted to see if Whyville had made Mardi Gras parts.

Indeed, they did! I grab two of each part, since they won't be in "Akbar's Face Mall" for long. Maybe I'll need it later . . . I quickly pick my nose, and go back to the sign. I finally click the mysterious sign!

I'm suddenly thrown into bewilderment as I enter an unfamiliar Sportplatz. A Mardi Gras float passes by and hurls coins at me! How rude! They knew that I was unsuspecting, and they still pelt me with greens, purples, and golds! I spot my exits as you see above. I go to the famous "Musical Chairs" that is talked about so much.

I see the Wishing Well decked out in Mardi Gras colors. I watch the board, waiting for a scrambled word to appear. After anticipation, a simple scramble comes up. I unscramble it with ease. The Wishing Well congratulates me and gives me a green balloon for my intelligence. I figured that I should explore a little more and give other Whyvillians a shot at unscrambling words.

I enter the lovely Musical Chairs. I remember playing Musical Chairs as a smaller child. I had so much fun shoving kids out of their seat and making them cry. Such lovely times they were. Sadly, I can't shove children out of my way to win here. I decided to sit and watch others play before I jump in and steal seats. As I watched three Whyvillians going head to head, I realized that I haven't gone to every chat room that involved such a fabulous party!

Wow! This place is full of excitement! The scores show no distress either! Many Whyvillians are trying their best to reach the top of the charts with all of the games and voting going on. Mardi Gras is showing no disappointment to fellow Whyvillians!

I travel to the Stage after playing more rounds of the games, hoping to find more guests. I was sadly disappointed that they were still playing the wonderful games! Those games attract Whyvillians like moths attract to light. As I was about to leave, I noticed something on the ground! King cake! I remember always trying to find the darn baby. No, some other kid just took a bite out of the baby. I guess it was good since the baby-eater had to pay for the next king cake.

You just can't leave this article and not know the basics of Mardi Gras! I saved you the aching pain of searching the web and displayed the summary of what Whyville gave everyone. I'll give you a shorter summary if you don't feel like reading all of that. Mardi Gras and the Carnival season refer to the celebrations held all around the world during the days that lead up to Lent. They finish on "Mardi Gras", which means "Fat Tuesday" in French. Masks were worn by the richer people who wanted to get a little "crazy" in public and still wanted to be known as a respectable person afterwards. People on floats throw trinkets and baubles to the crowd. The famous king cake is a dessert during Mardi Gras season. Each cake contains a hidden plastic baby or trinket. Whoever finds the hidden item has to pay for the next king cake!

I really do have to say that I had a fantastic time playing Whyville games to celebrate Mardi Gras. I would also like to give a special thanks to the City Workers who put all of this together! It was a blast!

I hope you all have as much fun as I did!

HotTrent1, floating away!


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