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Ace Valentine

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Valentine's Day is coming up! It's the most romantic day of the year. This holiday is where people share their love for each other. It's the day where people exchange chocolates, teddy bears, and flowers. Have you ever thought the day before Valentine's, "Oh shoot! What am I going to get for my friends and family for Valentine's Day!?!"

Well I got the solution for you! Today I am going to show you how to make a cute, quick homemade Valentine's Day card. I suggest always making something homemade. Homemade shows it came from your heart.

Before we begin our project, we need six items: red cardstock paper, glue (which I happened to forget to put in the picture, apologies!), red glitter, a marker, scissors, and 4 Ace cards. I got the 4 Aces from an incomplete deck of cards, which had some cards missing. **Note: Do not use a complete deck of cards to do this project; your parents would not appreciate that. If you think you could use a complete deck, ask for your parents' permission first.** For the scissors, I got fancy scissors that cut zigzags into the paper, but normal scissors can work as well. If you don't have red cardstock paper, you can a replacement of red construction paper.

First off, glue the Ace onto the red cardstock. Cut around the card, leaving some space to create a border.

On the back, you can create any Ace-related message. For this card, I created, "You're an ACE in my heart!" You could also say, "You're a real ace!" Don't forget to sign your name on the card as well.

In the middle of the card, there's a shape. It is one of the following: spades, diamonds, hearts or clubs. With Elmer's glue, draw a heart in the middle and fill it in with glue. You will then take red glitter and shake it all over the heart. Shake off the excess glitter into the garbage or back into the glitter container.

Well, here is the final result! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make these adorable Valentines! I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day, and spend it with the people you love (family, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends)!

Author's Note: I got my inspiration from this website: spoonful.com/crafts/ace-of-hearts


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