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The Ocean's Shyest Creature

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Through the last few decades, a certain scientist has been discovering more and more information about the elusive giant squid. Nick-named the ocean's shyest creature, the giant squid has gone from becoming a mythological creature to an actual member of the squid family, and most recently, a groundbreaking piece of evidence revealing giant squid interacts in its environment has been made public.

According to scientificamerican.com, zoologist Tsunemi Kubodera has spent the last few decades hunting giant squid for scientific purposes. On Sep. 30, 2004, he was able to capture the first ever pictures of a live giant squid. According to "National Geographic," this squid was about 25 feet long. (8 meters)

These pictures made Kubodera's squid-hunting explorations public, and along with the help of several other scientists, he was about to make another remarkable discovery two years later. On Dec. 4, 2006, Kubodera and his team became the first people to record a video of a live giant squid. According to able2know.org, this squid was a small female, and was approximately 11 feet long. (3.5 meters)

It wasn't until Jan. 7, 2013 when Kubodera and his crew were able to do the unthinkable: record a live giant squid in its habitat. The squid they were able to follow was young, and according to dailymail.co.uk, it sized in at about 10 feet. (3 meters)

Though these are just images taken from the recording, they still show off the immense beauty of the giant squid and how fascinating they are. To find the video Kubodera took of the live squid, you can follow this link:


What will be the next big discovery for giant squid hunters? Perhaps a live recording of giant squid interacting with one another? Possibly the ability to keep a giant squid alive in a tank to record further information on its behavior? Only time will tell, but for scientific and entertaining purposes, one can hope that the newest breakthrough information will come soon!

Author's Note: Sources: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/09/0927_050927_giant_squid.html


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