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Saving the Animals

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Saving the Animals

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Okay, now, I know this is a topic that may seem WAY outside of Whyville. But it really needs to be addressed, and Whyville is a great place for us to talk about stuff like this, ask questions and figure them out!

The other day in school a kid submitted a video. It showed him with a dead squirrel, and he skinned it on the video and all sorts of vulgar things that you don't need to know about. We were forced to watch it, and my science teachers said it "was a great work".

Well, I'm sorry, but since when is killing an animal for the sake of a science grade a "great work"? My friend and I just got up and walked right out to the principal's office. We protested and all, but the principal just said it was part of the curriculum, there are no other alternatives, blah blah.

I mean, come on! This happened like the week after Earth Day! My friends and I decided to protest further. We hung up signs that said DON'T PRACTICE THE PAGAN RITUAL OF KILLING ANIMALS FOR THE SAKE OF SCIENCE (we mean pagan as in old; this is not meant to hurt Magick's feelings or anything)! Since we live in a sort of rural place, most people hunt and stuff, so a lot of kids didn't really care. So we had to do more. We send a petition with over a hundred signatures to the administration people (I guess some people are good) to protest dissection and how our cafeteria has no vegetarian options. For real, we went all-out.

Anyway, I think saving our animals is an important thing. I would like to say thank you to Giggler01, who is very vocal about being a vegetarian. That's really neat-o, LOL.

I hope this article made everyone think sort of differently. Animals have feelings, too! So, if your school supports dissection, tell them there are other options. Also, check out this site: http://www.quesojustice.com and help fight for a cat that was beaten by two teenagers. Don't worry, I have their permission to use the site and all.

So give up meat! Don't praise the king of all that is evil, Ronald Mcdonald.

I have to go, and I really, really hope this article gets in! Love you all!



Note from City Hall: If you want to give your school a concrete alternative to dissection, send your teachers to Neo Sci, the same company that sponsored the Geo Dig activity here at Whyville. Among lots of other cool science kits, they have a synthetic frog dissection kit, a synthetic shark kit, and some dissection CD-ROMs and videos. If your teachers decide to get anything from NeoSci, say Whyville sent you! :-)



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