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Thoughts on Food

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Food contains the nutrients that people, animals and organisms need to survive. It's the energy we use to power, build, grow and repair our body. However, it isn't merely this. Different people think of food in different ways and like or dislike it for different reasons. For some, food is the reason for the special time of the day when the whole family sits down together for dinner after a long day. To some, food reminds them of special occasions and big gatherings of people coming together to celebrate and feast.

Some people consider cooking to be an art or great past time. Some people believe "you are what you eat" and aim to eat foods that will benefit a healthy lifestyle. Some people love the way certain things taste, and some eat chocolate all day! I wanted to know more about certain foods different people have tried, liked and what they eat so l decided to interview a few Whyvillians and discover more about what food means to them.

Zicker: What sorts of foods does your family or culture eat?

Cutelemon: My family is Arabic but we eat all sorts of food. My mom loves experimenting with different types of food. We eat anything from Chinese to Italian to Indian to American and Mexican food. Sometimes my mom will make Arabic food too.
Mrcowboy: My family likes meat pasta and others.
Rockslife: All sorts veggies, fruits, sweetmeats, snacks, dairy products, fish, meat, egg, cereals etc.
Kll3r: My family/culture eats a lot of vegetables and chicken. Basically that's it. Boring stuff.

Zicker: What are the most unusual dishes you've tried?

Cutelemon: I've had fried squid and I've tried shark meat before! Those are pretty unusual. I really liked the octopus but I didn't really enjoy the shark meat.
Mrcowboy: Green Eggs and ham (On Dr Suess Birthday).
Rockslife: Well I haven't tried any quiet unusual dish. But I have tried many typical Indian dishes like dosa, upama, paratha, butter nun, payesh, pitha-puli, dhokla and lots more. I am sure many whyvillians haven't tried those dishes as they are mostly Americans. So these dishes may sound a bit unique to them. (All dishes' names are Indian).
Kll3r: I rarely eat anything unusual. Sometimes I eat an avocado, by itself. I've been told that's pretty weird. I also put peanut butter on my apples.

Zicker: What's a food you like that most don't?

Cutelemon: Sushi. A lot of people I've met don't like sushi or are too scared to try it. Personally, I think it's delicious! I also really like seaweed salad but a lot of people I know don't like that either.
Mrcowboy: Junk Food.
Rockslife: Bottle gourd, leafy veggies, fruits and milk. I like them but most of my friends don't.
Kll3r: Some pretty gross protein shakes that I like.

Zicker: Do you enjoy cooking your own food?

Cutelemon: I do! I love making myself breakfast. Sometimes I'll make these banana pancakes that only need two ingredients, one banana and two eggs! I think they are really delicious and healthy too.
Mrcowboy: I love making cereal . . . Ovens are too dangerous.
Rockslife: Yes of course. I don't cook well and haven't even tried cooking meals or heavy dishes. I only made snacks till now.
Kll3r: Can't cook-not even a little bit. I struggle with peanut butter sandwiches.

Zicker: Do you have or know anyone with any strange eating habits?

Cutelemon: One of my friends is a really picky eater. She won't eat any food that's not Italian or American. Personally, I think she's missing out on all the great foods there are from different cultures!
Mrcowboy: One of my old friends never ever ate chocolate.
Rockslife: No I don't have any quiet strange habit neither do I know someone with such habits.
Kll3r: No unusual eating habits that I know of.

Zicker: Do you prefer to eat healthy or unhealthy?

Cutelemon: A mix of both. Most of the foods I eat on an everyday basis are healthy but I do like to indulge. Most of my favorite foods are unhealthy, but they wouldn't be my favorites if I ate them every day!
Mrcowboy: I would eat healthy but unhealthy is too delicious.
Rockslife: Healthy. If I eat unhealthy for long I get stomach pain.
Kll3r: Healthy, very healthy.

Zicker: Last but not least: What is your favorite food?

Cutelemon: Close tie between sushi and fried chicken, those are hands down my favorite things to eat.
Mrcowboy: Junk, snacks, cookies and fruit.
Rockslife: Everything except fish and a few veggies.
Kll3r: Picking a favorite food is like picking a favorite song, depends on the mood.

Food to me is fun. I have no idea what I would do without my weekly Oreo and ice cream days and certainly cannot imagine a life without any food at all. It's interesting hearing about the different dishes people have tried, eat at home or belong to their culture. Also, it gave me a rough idea of the different ways other people might think about food. Now, to give you some food for thought: what are your thoughts on food?

Author's Note: Thank you Cutelemon, Mrcowboy, Rockslife and Kll3r for taking the time to answer the questions.


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