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Happy Birthday Whyville

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Top 10 birthday contests, cake projectiles flying through the air, and talks of an upcoming party all mashed together in the month of March must mean it's time to celebrate Whyville's birthday! Although the festivities have only just begun, you can feel the excitement building around Whyville! We made our way around the island to capture the well-wishes of Whyvillians everywhere and to celebrate a little ourselves.

Now, we didn't want to wait for just any old day to celebrate this wondrous occasion. Today, in particular, is the day we've been waiting for, and it's definitely not because of Daylight Savings. According to our sources, this may very well be the day when our beloved site first came into existence!

An exact quote from City Hall, herself, "Though there is some debate about the exact day, we're pretty sure that Whyville was born on March 10th." It may not be the exact day, but it's as good a day as any to celebrate, right? So we skedaddled on down to South Beach to find a few friends to celebrate with us.

Everyone was all singing and smiles as we sang (sang, typed, we won't get into semantics . . .) a big 'Happy Birthday' for Whyville's 14th!

After our singing, we got everyone to hold up a big '14' to wish Whyville well. You'll never find more eager a crowd than Whyvillians in celebration!

We slid away for our own little party with our friend, 3p1ckz, because who wants to split a cake with that many people?! And after all, a website can't blow out its own candles!

Breaking open the panda pinata was next on our list of ways to celebrate Whyville's birthday. Who doesn't love candy and pandas? So we grabbed our blindfolds and headed on down to Pets Park!

Soon after, we headed on down to the birthday tree to present our presents in the present to Whyville (threw that last one in there for fun!). Some of you may be confused as to who would open presents on a website's birthday. Well, no one really, but we can all imagine that the toucan can (feeling witty today!).

We decided to meet up with our feline Whyvillians to see how they party it up for Whyville's birthday! They were nice enough to get this picture with us!

Woods was the end of our party tour for the day. We had tons of fun seeing how different Whyvillians like to celebrate, and having our own little festivities of course! All the great people we got to meet and have fun with was definitely a reminder of why we were celebrating in the first place. Whyville truly is a great place to have some fun! Happy Birthday Whyville!


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