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Crazy for iPeny's Shorts

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A face part that is currently popular is "Always a Pleasure" created by the talented designer iPeny. This face part is a pair of blue shorts. Akbar, the City Worker in control of the Face Factory does not accept face parts below the solar plexus or body extensions because Whyvillians have been known to use these face parts inappropriately. Although designers evade the rule and create body extensions, no designer has been able to create shorts until now. It seems as if iPeny evaded the rule by cleverly designing the shorts to look like a shirt. A lot of Whyvillians have been trying to buy the face part despite the fact that City Hall has punished some Whyvillians for wearing it. Also, the face part has become rare since iPeny announced that she is not planning to restock it anymore.

This a Whyvillian wearing iPeny's shorts. I did not post the face part individually out of respect for iPeny and because I do not want others to remake it.

So, why is the face part so popular? I decided to interview some Whyvillians.

holiday50: What do you think about iPeny's shorts?

rawrx3: I think they are cute. They were very well designed! iPeny is a great designer.
ballet761: I think they are adorable! I was hoping a designer would eventually create shorts and when I saw them, I thought they were extremely cute.
Delp: I think iPeny did a great job at designing them. They are definitely cute and I think all of the outfits made using the shorts look cute.
Vancyon: I don't personally like them. They are way too popular. They remind me of dirty little secret and meow mix at their peak. However, I love iPeny and think she's a brilliant designer.

holiday50: If you own the shorts, why did you buy them? If you do not own the shorts, do you want to buy them?

rawrx3: I have had them a couple of times before but I let my friend borrow them and she never comes online anymore. I bought them because they were cute!
ballet761: No I don't own them unfortunately. I'd like to own them because I think they would look extremely cute on my Whyvillian since I'm trying to pull off a summer look. Plus, I can sell them for a few clams.
Delp: I'm indifferent on this one. I would like to own some because they are a rare face part and it's not like any more will ever be made. The price for them should theoretically continue to increase so they'd be worth it for selling purposes. I would not like to own some because, well, I'm a giraffe and giraffes don't wear shorts.
Vancyon: In my opinion, boys are indifferent to shirt extensions and as such would not be interested in such a face part [if it were created].

holiday50: Do you think it's okay to wear them even though it's against Whyville's rules? Why?

rawrx3: I think it is okay to wear them as long as there is nothing inappropriate about them, everything is covered up, and there's no skin showing that shouldn't be showing.
ballet761: I see no problem with wearing the shorts. I've never quite understood why wearing the shorts were such a bad thing. We wear shorts every day in the summer, don't we? There is a beach on Whyville so it's the right place to wear shorts.
Delp: I think it's okay as long as they realize it's at their own risk. If caught wearing the shorts, they could get bluebied. As long as they understand the risk associated with it, then I see no problem with choosing to wear them.
Vancyon: As long as it's against the rules, I don't think people should wear them. It's disrespectful towards the City Workers who implemented the rule with the best intentions.

holiday50: Should Akbar accept face parts below the solar plexus?

rawrx3: I believe that Whyville should allow shirt extensions and pants/shorts as long as there is nothing inappropriate about the face part.
ballet761: Yes I think it would be fine to accept those types of parts. It doesn't really bother or insult anyone on the site. But usually it is Akbar's decision on what he accepts so I can't really go against it. But in my opinion, I think it's totally fine.
Delp: No, I honestly don't think he should. I think all sorts of problems (such as self-esteem issues) would arise if they added the lower body. If you already look at the faces made on Whyville, they're all "perfect": large eyes, cute button nose, full lips, big hair. If we added the body extension, it'd result in a tiny waist, moderately large hips, etc. So there you would have it, a "perfect" version of oneself that is realistically impossible to achieve. On that note, Whyville is also geared towards pre-teens to young teenagers. We don't need people of that age with adult bodies.
Vancyon: I think that several things need to be fixed before long shirts are brought back again. The first thing that comes to mind is Whyville's remaking problem.

Those were some interesting opinions! What do you think about iPeny's shorts? Do you like or dislike them? Also, do you think Akbar should accept face parts below the solar plexus? Let me know your opinion in the forum!


Author's Note: Thanks to OhMyLordy for letting me use her avatar!


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