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The Miss Whyville Pageant: Round 1

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Welcome to round one of the Miss Whyville Pageant, the largest beauty contest on Whyville! In this series of articles, ocean10kv and I will host a beauty contest where readers can vote for their favorite contestants in the BBS. Also, every week the contestants with the lowest votes will be cut. In last week's article, ocean10kv and I wrote that only girls could participate in the pageant. But due to popular demand, ocean10kv and I decided to allow boys with girl accounts to participate too. The theme for this round is nationality; contestants had the option of either dressing up as their own nationality or a different country.

Below are all of the contestants' faces dressed according to the theme. To prevent this beauty contest from becoming a popular contest, ocean10kv and I did not include the contestants' usernames. Instead, we assigned the contestants a number according to the order they dressed for the theme.

How to Vote:

1. Readers can vote for ONE contestant on EACH row. In total, readers can vote for 5 contestants.
2. This is the format for voting: "Row # - Contestant #"
3. Readers must post their votes in the BBS.
4. The last day to vote is Friday March 22nd. Any votes posted after this date will NOT count!
5. The contestants with the lowest votes on EACH ROW will be cut from the pageant. The 5 contestants who will be cut will be posted in next week's article.
6. Contestants cannot vote for themselves or for other contestants.

Ocean10kv and I think that all the contestants did a great job dressing up for the theme. But it does not matter what we think; it matters what you, the readers, think! So, do not forget to vote! Also, what do you think the theme should be for round two? Post your suggestions in the BBS!

-holiday50 and ocean10kv

Authors' Note: These are the previous articles in the series: "The Miss Whyville Pageant: Rules" (article id: 13579)


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