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This is my very first Whyville Times Article. I decided to make it an interview. I will be interviewing ir0nheart. I will be asking her about her designs, how she first got started and if she has any tips for Whyville's newest designers. Let the interview begin!

jessynew1: When did you first start designing?
ir0nheart: It was around August of last year. I only started making designs every 2-3 weeks for my first designs.

jessynew1: What got you interested in designing in the first place?
ir0nheart: I became interested in designing because I saw other people designing, and having fun. I saw designers suggest to new designers to, "Start small when it comes to your first design." I completely ignored that, and made a hair and an extension for my first design. I started designing because I was interested, and curious about it.

jessynew1: Are you planning to design some more in the near future?
ir0nheart: I actually am. I have a few sets in mind, most are only a couple parts though. I have around 2 sets that are about 6-7 parts in my satchel done, waiting to be submitted. I haven't stopped designing, and actually two designs of mine are coming out today. I also design on the account, Amoureh. Some designs of mine on Amoureh will be out soon.

jessynew1: What is your favorite face part to design?
ir0nheart: My favorite face part to design has to be eyes. I just love experimenting with the eye-shadow, and eyelashes on them. People seem to enjoy my eyes the most, and I love to see that.

jessynew1: Finally, do you have any tips for the newer designers of Whyville?
ir0nheart: I do, actually. Don't be like me, and try to do a big design for your first design. Start off small, get used to designing. Learn to shade, and add little details to your designs. Also do scales! People enjoy designs to have all the scales of the design done. Practice makes perfect, don't give up on designing. You will get the hang of it, and you will see that. If you look back to your first design and maybe 10th design you will see a difference between them. Just give designing time, and don't give up on it.

Thank you ir0nheart for answering my questions! If you have any constructive criticism please post it on the BBS. I am new at writing in the Times and would like as much advice as possible!


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