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A City Worker: Keine

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Whyville's City Workers are the people who have the job of running and maintaining this website. They spend their time working on projects, monitoring chat and forums, and many more things. I thought it would be a good idea to speak with a City Worker myself and see what his job is really like and what he thinks about it.

The City Worker that was so willing to do this interview with me is Keine. I chose to interview Keine because he seems to have more to him than meets the eye. His personality seemed to be great, so I knew I needed to take the chance and interview him. It was a great chance to talk to an adult with a different perspective on Whyville and learn what he does for his job.

DahCutie: Why did you originally apply for the job as a City Worker on Whyville?
Keine: I was actually contacted by a recruiter hired by Numedeon after graduation. My resume was posted online and they called me in for an interview. Prior to that I had no idea what Whyville was.

DahCutie: What do you typically do for your job as a City Worker?
Keine: I'm a programmer, so I write the code that makes the site run. I deal with most of the visible content as well as some of the games and features of Whyville.

DahCutie: What is your favorite part of your job? Why?
Keine: My favorite part is when I get to design and code a project from scratch. That's when I get the most creative freedom.

DahCutie: How is your job as a City Worker sometimes difficult?
Keine: When features have to be cut or a project drags on too long and we run out of time. We have lots planned but not enough time to get everything done as quickly as we like.

DahCutie: How is your job more unique than some other jobs?
Keine: The culture is very good and everyone is laid back and friendly. I get to do some pretty cool things and I'm pretty much always busy. Never a dull moment.

DahCutie: Is there any new projects the City Workers of Whyville are working on? If so what are they?
Keine: I've started a project that implements a feature to allow for a user to save their face configurations so that they can reload their looks after a beauty contest. Also as some who've talked with me during meet the makers know about my dragon island project, but that's super low-priority so it'll be a long time before that comes to fruition.

The City Workers put forth so much hard work in order to run and maintain a site as great as Whyville. It gave me an opportunity to talk with a great personality and even learn about some projects that he is working on. Keine gave some wonderful answers and was very willing to participate. I hope this opened your eyes as to what our City Worker Keine does for his job, and enjoyed learning more about him as much as I did.


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