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Are you new to Whyville? Have you just joined or haven't logged on in a while? Well, then keep on reading and I hope that you learn some tips from me. This is my first article so please feel free to give me constructive criticism.

The most asked question I receive is how to get clams. Clams are very easy to get and Whyville has thankfully included tons of ways to get them. You can play games such as Recycle, Planeworks, Food Sort etc. But if you're looking for a way to get clams every day without playing games then you can also get a salary. Yes, Whyvillians can get salaries. All you have to do is click the Salary Ledger on the top bar next to the Forums. You should see tons of links with games. All of these games give you a salary. Don't be afraid to ask for help on one of these games. Most Whyvillians get about an average of 50-100 clams from my view. For example, if your salary was 75 clams, then every day when you log into Whyville you will get 75 clams. That means that you might have 525 clams in a week if you don't spend any. Pretty cool, right!

Some people also ask me "What is the BBS?". Well, the BBS is the Forums. The Forums are where Whyvillians discuss different topics and ask for advice or help. You can also play games and roleplay! It's very fun for me. If you have a difficult situation then just ask for help from some of Whyville. We can help you anytime. You can just click any topic you want (Ask the City Workers, Movies & TV, etc.). Then click which category you want. For example, if I was in the Ask the City Workers section and I wanted to file a suggestion I would click Suggestion Box. When you have chosen which category you want your thread in then click the blue button that says "New Post".

Those are 2 of the topics that most people need help on. If you have any other topics you want me to make an article about feel free to y-mail me anytime! Enjoy chatting, playing games, and spending your clams!

- mandyswaq


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