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Whyville Crossword: Whyville Facts

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Hey, Whyvillians! I'm back this week with a new crossword puzzle! This week's crossword puzzle will be random facts about Whyville! Remember, there can be two winners every week! Also note that nobody has won from last week's puzzle! So now only one person can win from "Whyville Crossword: The Whyville Times" (article id # 13958). The first two people to send me the correct answers to this crossword will receive 50,000 clams a piece! This crossword is a quick and easy way to get tons of clams! All you have to do is complete the following crossword correctly.

Rules for submission:

I would like the format to be like it is shown above. The title should be "Crossword Answers". I would like your answers to be in that format. It would make it much easier on me to see if you are correct or not. No, there are not five answers. There are twenty answers, as you can see in the puzzle.

Hints, Tips, and Rules:

- If an answer is more than one word, there will be no spaces.
- I will not use "(chatroom)Inside" or "(chatroom)Outside". (Example: "The House Outside" will be "TheHouse")
- If someone doesn't seem to get it in the first three days, I will post a hint on the most missed one.
- There does not have to be two winners. I only require one winner.
- If there is no winner for whatever reason, I will still have one prize reward up for grabs until it has been solved. (All the way up until my final puzzle)
- You are allowed to search through chat rooms to find the answers.
- The answers are in no particular order.
- Feel free to print the document out for better use.
- Have fun!

Author's Note: Feel free to y-mail me if you have other questions about the crossword. No, I will not be giving out answers. I created the crossword at http://www.armoredpenguin.com/crossword/


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