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The Old or The New

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Many of you Whyvillians out there love music (I know I do!), but lately I've been finding that "The Oldies" are becoming forgotten, and artists like Eminem, Taylor Swift, One Direction, and many more are stealing all the glory! So today I'm going to interview some fellow music loving Whyvillians to get their opinions on the matter! Now to the questions!

redhottay: Do you prefer to listen to oldies, or newer music, or both? Why?

LilaStorm: I prefer older music - most pop is about "who is going out with who" or "OMG my girlfriend dumped me for another girl" I like lyrics with meaning.
DahCutie: I honestly think it depends on the specific artist. I like some older music because of how well the musician plays, and I like some newer music as well. It's hard to decide between newer and older music because different artists from the different eras are so diverse.
candy5111: Well, for me it depends on the artist. Like for example, let's take Lady Gaga and Madonna. Lady Gaga is new but the music is really really bad, all her songs are the same auto tuned poop and they lack of artistic value. Madonna's music was much better, much more creative and with artistic value in terms of music and lyrics, it was high quality music. But then Madonna is still releasing records, and her new music is just as good as her old music, her last album was awesome.

redhottay: If you had to choose what is your favorite oldies singer/band? What about newer?

LilaStorm: I'd choose Kate Bush for my favorite older singer. I also enjoy Taylor Swift's voice.
DahCutie: My favorite old band would The Beatles. As for newer bands I would pick The Fray and Mayday Parade.
candy5111: I would have to say Madonna for the old, and One Direction for the new. One Direction songs just make me feel good and want to dance! Call me crazy but One Direction is pretty popular.

redhottay: Do you find there is a difference between oldies and newer music, for the good or the bad? What is it?

LilaStorm: There is a bad difference between old and new music. Most is just really inappropriate for people my age. That's why it's popular, I guess.
DahCutie: I do find differences between the different generations of music. I tend to see the morals in what their singing about change.
candy5111: I say now this generations music is more auto tuned, while old is original. New music sorta sounds the same to me. The music now, more edited to make you sound good . . . Now there's songs about breakups . . . I mean seriously! Break up with people to make a living? This generation is just sad. But fresh new faces are coming with actual good music so let's hope for the best.

redhottay: How do you feel about how some newer bands/singers cover oldies? Were there any specific songs this happened to that you were disappointed in? (Ex: "One Way Or Another" by Blondie, was covered by One Direction).

LilaStorm: I was disappointed in the Maxwell cover version of Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work". Maxwell doesn't manage to carry the meaning behind the song.
DahCutie: I think it's nice for newer artists to cover older songs just to pay respects to them and let their music continue to touch people.
candy5111: I think it makes the old music sound more exciting, wanting to dance a lot. I think it's actually REALLY great that they're bringing old music back to have some spotlight.

redhottay: If you have to pick between these 4 bands/singers would you choose, 1. Taylor Swift (newer), 2. Mumford and Sons (newer), 3. Creedence Clearwater Revival (oldies), 4. The Beatles (oldies)? Why did you choose this?

LilaStorm: Taylor Swift. Her voice is beautiful - country style.
DahCutie: Against popular opinion, I would have to say Taylor Swift. Although she does tend to sing about boyfriends, breakups, love,etc I find her voice to be truly amazing. I was able to see her in concert and she sings flawlessly.
candy5111: I love The Beatles! They wrote and recorded extremely good songs in a variety of styles. It's no accident that they were as popular as they were - they were good.

A special thanks to my great volunteers, DahCutie, candy5111,LilaStorm, and also anyone who I unfortunately didn?t have enough room to include. Thanks for reading everyone!


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