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How to Make a Mini Hovercraft

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Ever wanted to make a hovercraft, but just couldn't? Here's a solution for all your problems by a simple step by step guide to make a mini CD hover craft.

This is what you'll need:

Bottle Cap
Pencil (or anything to make a hole through bottle cap)
Hot glue gun(or super glue but prefer hot glue)

Materials Needed

Step 1 Choose a CD that you probably don't want or will use in the future, which will end up have scratches and glue on it.

Step 2

Pick a balloon, any color but preferably medium size. Get creative with the colors of the balloon!

Step 3

Get a bottled cap, water bottle cap, soda cap, even push up bottle caps and etc., but not large caps.

Making the Hovercraft

Step 1

Glue the bottle cap to the CD. Make sure to center it where the hole on the CD is at.

Step 2

Make a hole on the bottle cap with a pencil, pen or etc., and if you have a push-up cap then push it up!

Step 3

(For the caps with the holes)

You can either blow the balloon but DO NOT tie it and put it on the cap and you can slide it and keep repeating that same thing, OR you can put the balloon on the cap and blow into it from the other side.

(Pop-up caps)

Same thing, but when you put the balloon on blown into you close the cap but if you haven't blow into the cap from the other side and close it.

Playing with the Hovercraft

Here's some ideas:

1.)See how far you can with different amounts of air.

2.) Slide it back and forth with your friends.

3.) Race with each other.

4.) Design your hovercrafts.

So, this is a guide on how to make a CD hovercraft! Hope this helped and it's fun!

Signing off,


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