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Blue and Orange

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Author's Note: My religious views are expressed in this article.

It came.

To be honest, I breathed a little easier after I heard the news. You were suffering so bad. That dreadful, deadly disease took over your body. The last two weeks before you walked into the next life to meet your mom and other loved ones who left before you, was a terrible time. You couldn't talk, let alone in so much pain that you never felt comfortable.

Many were affected. You taught us, your students, so much about life, God and the scriptures. You shared your love of God and church to us countless times. None of us ever doubted in your belief of God and Jesus Christ.

Your personality was something everyone will remember. You were so witty and hilarious. You loved to tell stories and joked often. You taught anyone you came in contact with to laugh because life is short.

When the news was first told a year ago, many of us didn't know how to think or feel. Many of us had no connection to the disease except what we have heard on the news and radio. We all spent a year praying heartfelt prayers for comfort and strength.

I didn't have much of a relationship with you as others had, but I will always remember how much you taught me. I never learned so much about life in all my life. I learned from you that sometimes life isn't fair, but there isn't much use in complaining and frowning about it. All you can do is smile and push forward. There will be bad days, but there is good in everyday.

You left this world Wednesday morning. Your body was laid to rest today, Friday afternoon.

I know you were there looking over at all the people who attended the funeral. You touched all of their lives in some way. The chapel was filled. The gym was almost all the way filled. Your stories echoed through out all of our ears. They made us laugh and cry tears of joy.

The flowers were all blue and orange. Many wore orange and blue. You were an vivid Boise State Football fan. Your truck was decked out in Boise State orange and blue. Everyone knew when you drove by. Your ties were orange and blue.

The life story that you wrote was read along with commentary by your older brother. It was comforting to know that the deadly disease didn't kill the humor out of you. It was beautiful to hear your words to your wife. There wasn't a dry eye after you expressed your love to your wife. You told her that you love her and you will always be with her. You told your children that you loved them. You told them that you will always be with them. You them to be valiant. You told us to be valiant.

Life will be different without you.

But God just received another valiant angel

covered in blue and orange.


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