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He helps those bullied, and helps prevents it. You may have seen him help spread awareness of bullying on the Whyville Forums or just chillin' in chat. With his and everyone else's efforts combined, we might change the world! And that is his goal, to live in a world with less bullying. I would like to take time to give recognition to him. 0mgnick, and some of you might know him as Nick, is truly dedicate, and starting the anti-bullying revolution!

Now we all know what bullying is. We have all seen it, and in some way, shape, or form have been a part of it. It affects all our lives, if we do not realize it or not. Sadly, we have all seen the results of bullying have been sadly for so many souls, suicide. Even though there is that tragic ending for a lot, many people still do not think much of it. Kids think of it as a joke, teachers do not stop it, and no one is brave enough to stand up and say "No."

So further ado, I would like to show you all my conversation with the one and only, Nick.

DiMiniSh: Why you do have a deep concern about bullying?
0mgnick: I have a deep concern about bullying because I was bullied my entire life and I feel for the people being bullied. Also it is a crisis in America today and young kids are dying because it.

DiminiSh: When did the concern for bullying spark?
0mgnick: Once I became strong enough to ignore the bullies, I decided it was time for me to help other people stay strong.

DiMiniSh: What have you done so far to help prevent bullying?
0mgnick: I have done several things. I started the Anti-Bullying Campaign, I speak to kids all over about bullying, I send out messages to people, I talk to people being bullied, and many other things.

DiMiniSh: What have you done for those who have been bullied?
0mgnick: For those who have been bullied I have tried to sit down and talk to them. Explain to them why the person might be bullying them. Try to tell them that they are better than the bully makes them out to be. Tell them to stay strong and it gets better.

DiMiniSh: Where do you think you and your efforts towards bullying prevention will be in five years?
0mgnick: In five years I hope to be known all over America. I want The Anti-Bullying Campaign to go national and be able to help people all over America. I plan to do huge fund raisers to be able to help those in need.

DiMiniSh: In ten years?
0mgnick: Ten years, I hope I will have accomplished everything I set out to do. And continue to speak to people, because there will always be bullying. I believe if I can save one life, that I did good. If I can save hundreds of lives then I did great!

DiMiniSh: What are some things teenagers can do to help prevent bullying?
0mgnick: Teenagers can help prevent bullying by standing up for the ones being bullied. They can help by spreading awareness.

DiMiniSh: What should teenagers do when they are being bullied?
0mgnick: When being bullied the kid should consult with his teachers, peers, family, guidance counselor, or whoever he or she feels comfortable around. This will help them get through it.

Well, here is that one brave kid who stood up and said, "No more bullying." He was bullied his whole life, but now he has taken a stand and is now helping those bullied and putting an end to it. He is taking action, and you should too! Stand up for that kid being pushed in the hall way and sit with that one girl who always is alone at lunch. The slightest efforts make big impacts. Show those bullied you care, you may save a life!


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