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The Miss Whyville Pageant: Round 4

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Welcome Whyvillians to round four of the Miss Whyville Pageant, the biggest beauty contest on Whyville! In this series of articles, holiday50 and I host a beauty contest where you, the Whyvillians, help us to determine who will win the title of "Miss Whyville" by voting for your favourite contestants in the BBS and suggesting future themes. Every week, we will cut the contestants with the lowest number of votes. After a one week break, we are finally back with a new round.

The theme for Round 3 was "Royalty" but we thought it would be fun to spice things up and add a little twist to the theme. In addition to dressing up as royalty, contestants were asked to purchase the face part "Brown Bubbly Hair" by Akbar and find a creative way to incorporate it into their look. If contestants failed to use the face part, they were disqualified for failure to comply with the theme. The contestant who used the hair the most creatively was: and they have been awarded a Face Factory Voucher, congratulations! By your votes in the BBS, the following contestants were eliminated:

Row #1 - Contestant 1: conan34
Row #2 - Contestant 4: jessynew1
Row #3 - Contestant 9: Tuenchi6
Row #4 - Contestant 12: iloveKDM

During Round 3, two Whyvillans (who wish to remain anonymous) informed us that some contestants were cheating in the pageant. We immediately began an investigation and received overwhelming evidence from Whyvillans. As a result, we have disqualified conan34 and iTorque for cheating. In their place, we are giving one of the eliminated contestants a second chance to compete in the pageant! The eliminated contestants had to dress up for an animal theme but with a twist! They had to incorporate the face part "Green Dreads" by Akbar into their looks. You, the reader, are going to vote for the eliminated contestant who dressed up the best and she will be allowed back into the pageant.

Contestant #1: I dressed up as a panda. I used the hair as like leaves and stuff for my surroundings.

Contestant #2: I am a horse running in the forest, using the Green Dreads for the green in the forest

In addition to voting for the eliminated contestants, you are also voting for the regular contestants! This week, their theme is Celebrity . . . with a twist.

Contestants were required to dress up as TWO THEMES but in ONE LOOK. In addition to dressing up as a celebrity, contestants also had to dress up as a color. Also, contestants had to use AT LEAST three face parts in the same color. Eyes did NOT count as one of the color face parts.

How to Vote:

1. Readers can vote for ONE contestant on EACH row. In total, readers can vote for 3 contestants.
2. This is the format for voting: "Row # - Contestant #"
3. Readers must post their votes in the BBS.
4. The last day to vote is Friday April 19th. Any votes posted after this date will NOT count!
5. The contestants with the lowest votes on EACH ROW will be cut from the pageant. The 3 contestants who will be cut will be posted in next week's article.
6. Contestants cannot vote for themselves or for other contestants

Contestant #1: I did black and white. I'm marina and the diamonds.

Contestant #2: Blake Lively, red.

Contestant #3: I am dressed Lana Del Rey. My colors are white, orange, and gray. White is in my shirt, headband, and clouds. The orange is in my hair, the fire, and the sun behind the clouds. The gray is in my microphone, building 1, and building 2.

Contestant #4: I am Lana Del Rey. I used reddish/orange color! The three parts I used for the color theme are the headband, hair, and glasses.

Contestant #5: Lady Gaga, Black

Contestant #6: This week I've dressed as Lana Del Rey in orange, with orange hair, flowers, lips, and shirt.

Contestant #7: I'm Taylor Swift from the official music video of Love Story. The color I'm using is cream. I added flowers, a dress and a collar (necklace) with the theme.

Holiday50 and I think the eliminated and regular contestants did an awesome job with their themes, even with our little twists. We're very impressed with the way they incorporated the twists into their looks! But it doesn't matter what WE think, it's up to YOU to vote. Go to the BBS now and vote for your favorite looks, and while you're there don't forget to suggest themes for next week.

-ocean10kv and holiday50

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