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I submit pictures to the Times every week. Earlier this year, after the Times Awards, many people were submitting things. There was one issue with 30 articles! Now that it's later in the year, people have stopped. Because people have stopped, over the next few weeks, I will be holding a photography contest. Basically what will happen is I will give out a topic, you will submit a picture to Times, and then the winner will be chosen by Whyvillians on the BBS.

How do I submit my picture?

If you don't know how to submit a picture to the times, (or just forgotten,) you can read about it in this article.


If your picture is not accepted, y-mail me and we will figure something out.

What are the rules?

There are a few rules that you must follow if you want to participate in this contest.

1) You must take the pictures yourself. If you have been caught stealing someone else's work you will immediately be disqualified.

2) Try to stay on topic the best you can. I'm not going to give very strict topics because I want to see what you can do.

3) Have fun! This is all about your creativity and imagination. Maybe if you like it you can keep on submitting after this contest ends? *wink wink*

How do you know who is in the contest and who isn't?

If you choose to be in this contest, make sure you . . .

1) Y-mail me the link to your contest submission.

2) Include that the picture you have taken was for the contest in your description with the picture.

How will voting work?

Once I have found out all of the entries, I will make a thread on the BBS with links to the entries. From there, people would pick the one they like the best and comment the name.

The prizes!

The part you have all probably been waiting for . . . the prizes.

First place prize will receive a massive 500,000 clams.

Second place prize will receive a wonderful 300,000 clams.

Third place prize will receive a nice 100,000 clams.

With all of that said, I leave you with this . . .

The first topic for the photography contest is . .. *drumroll*

Something small and it has to be related to nature in some way.

Here is an example -- http://j.whyville.net/smmk/whytimes/article?id=13602. The flower is small, and it is also in nature. (Be creative!)


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