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This is My Normal

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Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's mean,
But no matter what, it affects everything.
Every crack must be stepped on correctly.
It's very time consuming, you see.

Every impulse, every obsession,
Must give you the wrong impression.
Going back and forth to every street light.
Sorry, but I had to press it right.

Every action must be second guessed,
Leaving me frustrated, alone, and stressed.
It squeezes my heart, deep inside my chest,
Still clinging on to my family crest

Alarms set for medication at nine.
"Fluoxetine" on the label tells you it's mine.
Every once a month, I see my psychiatrist,
But prescriptions don?t help and it?s getting me pissed.

Breath caught in my throat, and tightly clenched fists.
You might call me crazy, but I need all of this.
God gave this to me, so there?s really no doubt,
It was meant to help, not make me pout.

It's a nightmare in life,
A dream gone all right.
The oxymoron of mental imbalance.
So bittersweet, it's hardly a challenge.

I don't want your pity, I just want you to know
That sometimes it's hard for me to control.
When people leave, they say "take care". I would if I could, but I can't. I swear.
Everything from how you do you hair.
Heck, some people can't even pick underwear.

Yes, you may laugh. You may think it's a joke.
It show that obviously just don't know
The extreme torture and hell it can be
Going through life with insane OCD.


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