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Girls and Makeup: Hot or Not?

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Have you ever heard someone say, "Boys don't like girls with makeup."? I thought this entirely true until I interviewed five boys on Whyville. At the moment, I have not yet had any need (thank goodness) to wear makeup, although I do like experimenting with the way makeup can change a person's image and even the way the hold themselves!

I decided to find out for myself to see if the myth was true. I interviewed these Whyvillians specifically because most had not been interviewed recently (and they were boys).

LilaStorm: Do you think girls look better with or without makeup? Explain your answer.

Antier: Girls look absolutely wonderful with makeup on. I prefer it if the makeup has been tested on animals, too.
Kyle1293: It depends, some girls put way too much on and it just looks gross. But I guess it really all depends on the girl. Some girls look better with just eye make up and nothing else too so makeup is cool but less or none is always better.
Gothurnot: I think it depends on the girl. Some girls are more confident with makeup and some without. But most times, when I look at a girl, not personally knowing them, I think no makeup is better.
A user that would rather be anonymous: You only need to wear makeup if you're ugly. Girls that are pretty and wear makeup just . . . don't need it.
c00lbruh: With makeup because I think it just highlights their natural beauty. And it just makes them look even prettier. I don't feel confident looking at a completely bare face. It really depends on the girl

Wow! What a range of opinions! It looks like many boys think that a little makeup is nice. Maybe it's the "less is more" saying?

I, personally think a smaller amount of makeup is nice. Too many girls cover themselves in foundation, have heavy eyeliner and mascara or pantomime cheeks. I think beauty is something that should be enhanced, not covered up or changed completely! What is your opinion?

Author's Note: Thank you to all people that I interviewed. You gave good, concise answers.


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