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Kids on Devices

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Lots of kids between the ages of 9-14 are on devices 24/7 these days. These may include lots of Whyville users, too. This is becoming a problem directly to the kids or to their parents. It can also affect kids' academic proficiency at school as well as their social life.

Electronic usage can hurt kids in a bad way. The effects are bad because it can make kids very distracted. For example, imagine yourself as a 13 year old kid. You had just eaten a snack after you came home from school and you're ready to start your homework. You get out your math notebook and all of a sudden you hear "Ring ring!" You take out your phone to see that your friend has just texted you. As you reply back to your friend's text, you think to yourself, "I have plenty of time to do my homework." You text your friend for some more time, but before you know it, it's 7:30 p.m. and your parents have come home from work. At this point, you think to yourself that you should start your homework. This kind of situation happens a lot more than you think it would. Kids can get easily distracted from different devices.

These kinds of situations can also affect the parents of the kid. All these kids can get so easily distracted from the devices that their parents give them that they start to become more independent. They wouldn't listen to their parents as much and they would start to become their own person. Parents wouldn't ever want their kids to be ignorant and ungrateful for everything that they have worked for. After all, the parents are the people that actually paid for the devices that they used.

Kids' academic proficiency may also be affected by electronic usage. Kids would spend so much time online or on their phones that they forget to study and do their homework. This can cause their grades to drop dramatically and cause issues at school. Kids' social standings may also be affected if they start to get low grades at school. This could lead to bullying and depression.

Electronic usage is not completely bad. The internet can have useful information that kids can use. It's alright to spend some time online at places like Whyville, but just remember to occasionally get off the computer and have some fun outside with your friends.



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