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Relay For Life: A Cancer Organization

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Know anyone with cancer? Want to find a way to help out? Join Relay for Life!

What is Relay for Life? Relay for Life is an international organization that raises money for people with any kind of cancer. They held annual events in cities all over the world. For example, I joined Relay for Life for the city of San Fernando. I met many people with cancer, their stories had made me realize that they need help! Our whole class joined in and together we raised about $1,500 and it all went to cancer patients.

In an annual event of Relay for Life they host it in a park at your city. You walk around a track, this is a symbol that you are apart of the Support team. Or you can be selling bracelets, shirts, hats, etc. This event is hosted for 24 hours, you get to bring a tent and sleep in the park! If you join relay for life and raise more than $100 you get a shirt in your honor for supporting Relay for Life. Its a great event that you won't want to miss.

You should join Relay for life because you'll be helping Cancer Patients all over the world. This organization makes you realize how many people are in need of medical attention but don't have the money to pay what they need as in medication. Cancer is a horrible disease, that doesn't leave you alone, it wakes you up in the middle of the night saying "I'm in charge of your body now" causing horrible pain. Helping cancer patients doesn't require you to join Relay for Life. You can sit down and talk with a cancer patient to make them feel happy that someone cares. Even being that one person that stops by just to say 'hello' or saying 'how do you feel?' make a cancer patient happy. Cancer patients just want to know that there's always going to be someone there.

I want people to know that cancer is not an easy disease to fight. I should know, my dad has stomach cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer in the middle of October 2012, he told me he had cancer in November 2012. In the same month of November 2012 he had a surgery to remove the cancer, the cancer spread all over his stomach and they removed all of his stomach. I know what your thinking, 'All of his stomach!?!? How does he eat? You can live without a stomach?' Yes all of his stomach was removed, he can eat perfectly fine, and your stomach isn't an organ that you necessarily need. But my dad says that it isn't the removal of his stomach that is worse part of having his kind of cancer, its the chemotherapy and radiation that's the worse part. My dad has suffered through some tough times with his cancer, some days he just can't get out of bed, and other days he sits in his bed holding on to his legs in a ball trying not to feel the pain. Cancer is not an easy fight.

I want people to know that cancer isn't something that you can fight like a cold, it something that can sometimes be permanent. If join Relay for Life all their money they raise goes to cancer patients everywhere, USA, Canada, even Japan! You can help by joining in to their website (relayforlife.org) and start raising money yourself! Another way to help is by standing next to cancer patients and helping them through every step of the way. The most important thing about fighting cancer is protecting YOUR own body. This means if you eat junk food start trying more healthier food, don't stand in the sun to long, and be careful what you put in your body! Save a life, so they can live to see another year full with joy and support!


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