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Book Review: Divergent

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I've heard quite a bit about this book, "Divergent." After reading a little bit about the book, I decided to add it to my Christmas wish list. On Christmas day, I tore through wrapping paper to discover a paperback book named "Divergent." I set it to the side and unwrapped everything else. I didn't bother noticing it until Spring Break was here and I would be traveling a few hours. So I threw some books in my bag and left. During the ride, I looked to see what books I had thrown in there. None seemed interesting at the time. I started texting some friends to see which I should start. All of them told me to read "Divergent." So I picked up the book and got to reading. After reached my destination, I was beyond page 100. The book was so much better than I thought it would have been. Just like that, five days of my life revolved around reading "Divergent" by Veronica Roth.

The story takes place in future Chicago. Chicago is split into five different factions: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite. Each faction represents a particular virtue of humanity. Abnegation represents the selfless. Amity represents the peaceful. Candor represents the honest. Dauntless represents the brave. Erudite represents the intelligent. On a given day, all sixteen-year-olds are supposed to take an aptitude test to see which faction best suits them. That test does not place the taker in a faction. It's more of a guideline to say which faction would be better.

The story revolves around Beatrice Prior. Beatrice is a sixteen-year-old who live in Abnegation with her brother, Caleb. Both of them are taking the aptitude test. In Beatrice's test, something strange happens. Something unusual happens during her test. This only makes it harder for her to choose where she will live for the rest of her life.

The book is truly amazing. It is filled with a lot of action, suspense, and even a little bit of romance. I rate this book a 10/10. It's one of the best books that I've read. I would recommend it to any reader.

After reading this little review, are you still curious about what happens to Beatrice? Are you curious about where she goes, or even if she goes? Remember that if she leaves, it's faction before blood.

HotTrent1, signing out!


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