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Looking back, it seems like it was so long ago. I would come home from school, log on to my computer, and get on Whyville. My first action was to check my y-mail, then I headed off to the BBS, and I didn't leave for hours at a time. We talked about good and bad things, everything and nothing. We were a family. I remember writing about my Whyville family on my blog, and submitting it for a Whylitzer. What happened?

It all seemed so simple back then. Life, for most of us, consisted of school and Whyville. We told each other everything, there were cliques of their own on here. The Mallers, South Beachers, BBSers, Roofers. The Mallers and BBSers never got along. I was one of the only ones to be both. I remember when one of my friends, xAustiinx, discovered that we could get to the Cove by driving our scions. So we all started going there to meet.

My best friend on here, was Seth. He was a really cool guy. We knew pretty much everything about each other. We understood each other. Then one day, he just stopped coming online. His appearances got more and more infrequent, and back in December, he stopped coming online at all.

What happened to the old Whyville? Not the original, when Peachadee was the best designer, but the old Whyville where we were a family? What's driven us apart? If you're one of the people who was a member when I was a regular, go back in time, and remember.

We can't bring it back, but we can remember, and we can bring a new family together.

So lets remember. Don't let go of that time when our biggest problems were burnbooks and trolls.



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