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A Skier's Dream: Part 1

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There I was. Skiing to the nationals. But, one ski broke on the jump. There I was, falling, falling, falling.

I hit my bedroom floor with a thud. "Oh, God. Such a good way to start the day," I grumbled to myself. I hoisted myself off the floor and crawled back under the sheets. It was a perfect winter morning. Not to cold, not to hot. It was about an hour until my alarm clock went off. So, I inspected my room. My room was a basic room, but with a skier touch to it. My shelves where filled with trophies from when I was two years old. Then, I looked over to my wall of posters. There was Twilight posters, mostly Edward and Bella, some Lady Gaga posters, Ke$ha posters, and, my favorite, my inspiration to ski, Brooke Wales. Under all those posters, was my very cluttered desk. I was a straight A student. So, I did a lot of extra credit. Then, there was my laptop. My laptop was written on, cover to bottom. I had everything on my laptop. Yes, I mean EVERYTHING. My skiing races, papers, everything. Then, there is my collection of skies. I have about fourteen pairs of skies. I have my lucky one, which is yellow,orange, and red. Like fire. That's when I got my nickname, Fire. That was my room. It took me five minutes to take in my room. My fire-streaked, bright room.

My twin sister walked in. Her name was Laney. She was one and a half minutes younger than me. "Louran? Are you okay?" She asked. I gave her a look and said, "Do I look okay? I just fell out of my bed and have a huge bruise on my leg!" I'm not always that shallow, but I started my day pretty badly. Laney helped me up and then she sat down on my bed. "Do you know what we are doing today?" I asked. "We are going to visit Aunt Mandy and Uncle Kenny. Then go skiing with Morgan and Seth. Then get Chinese food," as she filled me, I made my bed. I gave her that looked that said, "I want to get dressed" She nodded and practically danced out of my room. It wasn't very often we went to see Aunt Mandy. Laney absolutely LOVED Morgan and Seth. Even though they were brother and sister, they looked cute together. They slapped me when I said that. I started getting dressed when Jacob barged in. "DUDE!" I screamed. I covered myself with a towel that was on my chair. "Get out!" I yelled and threw my pencil at him. He laughed and left. Oh, I hate him so much.

As everyone go dressed, my two brothers and 2 sisters and my twin, we got into our station wagon, and we got onto the freeway to Lost Valley Resort, Maine.

The ride from New Hampshire to Maine takes a while. I was sitting in the back next to Laney, and Jacob was right next to here. We are the three teens in the family. In the front, behind the driver's seat, was the younger ones. Jessica, who is five, next to the door. In the middle was Max, who is seven. Right by the window was the youngest one, Hannie, who is four. "Mom!! Jessica is looking at me!" Max complained. "Am not!" Jessica replied. Jacob, Laney, and I shared a look. We all, simultaneously, put our headphones in and started listening to music. Ohmigod, this will be a LONG ride.

I was drifting off, when Hannie yelled, "THERE IS AUNTY MANDY!!" I opened one eye, and saw the perfect mountains, with snow coming down. I hopped up and down on the seat, waiting for everyone to get out. Laney gave a look, and said, "Calm down." I got out, grabbed Hannie and put her on the ground. She ran to Seth, who lifted her up and tickled her. Aunt Mandy and Uncle Kenny were hugging everyone. I smiled and looked around. This would be a good trip.

So, I thought.


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