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You're Beautiful the Way You Are

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Dear young teenage girls and boys,

You're beautiful, just the way you are. It doesn't matter what your weight is, what size you wear, the color of your hair, or not having the brand name clothes. Don't listen to those bullies who think they're better than you. You are beautiful on the inside. Like a ray of sunshine, you brighten up the world of everyone you speak to.

You are too young to care about your weight. Let your life take its course, let yourself be free of worry, and most importantly let yourself break away from those insecurities from within. I have been down your road before and it leads to a three-way street. One way leads to endless exercise and constantly watching what you eat. One way leads to ignoring what they may say, living your life with no interruptions. One way leads to the constant weight gain from overeating in result of a depression of feeling like you're not good enough. I took the first way, and I haven't been able to leave this path quite yet. My insecurities are still there, and family and friends are worried for my health.

Listen to me when I say this. The middle path is the one you need to choose.

Don't let those bullies win, don't give them the satisfaction that they have won against you. It will only bring them the encouragement to continue what they have done to you, they will continue it to you and once they break you down they will move to another victim.

Stop them in their tracks now, it'll do both of you good.

Always remember, you're perfect how you are and there's no need to change anything for anyone but yourself.

We can beat them together.



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