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Planet Calentine: Part 3

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"So, this is my new home," I say to Carson, who is handing me keys and a walkie-talkie. "Yes. Make sure you learn how to use that phone before tomorrow. Otano will be mad if you don't," says Carson. Before I get a chance to reply, he leaves. Inside my house, is a large, beige living room, fully furnished. The kitchen is the size of the table back at the meeting room where I was at. My bedroom has a queen size bed with pink sheets. I decide to practice how to use the walkie-talkie, even though it's as easy as spelling apple. By nighttime, I called Otano, Carson, and some angry nurses.

The next morning, I wake up to a very loud ringing walkie-talkie. When I answer it, Otano's voice responds. "Good morning Nichelle. Do you know where to find the Office?" he says. "Yes, I know," I say. "Well, be there in an hour," he says. I walk to the Office, which is where I was yesterday, and take a seat near the end of the table. Otano arrives half an hour later, and looks surprised to see me here so early. "Since you've decided to stay here, we think it's better that you be included in all meetings. In three weeks, we are going to attack North America," he says. I don't know what to say because even though I don't want them to attack North America. I don't see a reason why they shouldn't. North America is going to attack them in seven weeks, or so the files say. Attacking North America would be the only way to save Calentine, but something about this plan seems wrong. There has to be another way to stop these two independent places from starting a war! I have not found the reason though, so I remain silent.

Twenty minutes into the meeting I realize a perk in Otano's plan. "I've been here less than a month. That would give North America more than enough time to realize that their rocket and I are missing. They could have planned a new time to attack us the day I left Earth. For all we know, they could be coming right now to attack us." I say. "You're right Nichelle. Carson, tell Jason to be here tomorrow morning at 7:00p.m." says Otano.

The next morning, it is 6:00 a.m. when I wake up. I have more than enough time to get dressed and eat something. When I get to the Office, there is nobody inside. Otano arrives shortly after me. Then a man comes in. He has black hair and looks like a human without a tattoo on his face. "Nichelle, Jason. Jason, Nichelle." Otano says. "Good morning," I say to Jason. "Good morning," he says. "Nichelle, Jason may look human, but he isn't. When he was born, he did not get a tattoo on his face because we needed to use him as a spy to get information from Earth. Jason's job is to go to North America for a week to become an astronomer. This way, he can find out when they plan on attacking us." says Otano.

Later that day, Jason left to Earth. Everyone was excited for him to come back. The next week, Jason did arrive. The information he found saved our life. In one week, North America plans on attacking us. Otano says he is going to get all the supplies we need because he wants us to leave tomorrow. I think this is abhorrent and I'm going to find a way to stop this war.


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