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Do's and Don'ts: Whyville Girls Edition

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We're here to set the bar straight among you citizens. Some of the fashion seen around Whyville is purely outdated and needs to get staked from poor, suffering satchels. To become famous and beautiful on Whyville, you gotta get with the new trends fast! So we have decided to help get you on track with the simple basics. We'll provide a list of things that are huge fashion no-no's which will be called the Don'ts. Then we'll provide a list of simple ways to transform those out-of-date avatars into ravishing citizens: The Do's.

The lips don't lie and neither do their positions. So when you have lip-necks as demonstrated on Side Image One, they tend to defy anatomy. The beauty of "virtual" reality is it's ability to reproduce aspects of life; these lips clearly do not. Also incapable of existing without major cosmetic surgery, there is the infamous duck face. Speaking on behalf of all the citizens tired of the exploited images on various sites: We don't like big lips, and we cannot lie. If it's proof you're looking for, it's undeniable in Side Image Two, where a possibly aesthetic avatar was disrupted by ruby lips twice the size of a face (no exaggerations intended).

Without the layers, where will you hide? This strange placement of hairs covers the most pertinent part of an avatar: the face. Having no actual benefit, the only result of layered hair is severely reduced face space (all rhyming intentional), less room to utilize, and more room to hide.

Having more than two hands or gigantic headgear doesn't mean that you can hold the ceiling. On Side Image One, there are quite a number of hands, whereas in reality, the average human has two. Perhaps the case was an indecisive mind, but it does not dismiss the abnormal appearance. On Side Image Two, you will find a 10 pound hat on a five ounce head. All you have to do is basic math to figure out that those two do not belong.

With no guillotine available in Whyville (as of yet) there is no excuse for having headless citizens running amiss. On Side Image One, you'll see one of those magical Whyvillians that roam the area with their their heads held high and bodies floating behind. On Side Image Two, you will see a dearly beloved giraf - wait, that's not a giraffe? That's a citizen of Whyville? With a neck that long, you could only assume! No human being should ever have a neck that remotely long! Both of these avatars have oddly-placed heads through different means. The only logical reasoning behind these distortions is so that your avatar is taller to some extent. However, these rationalizations do little to excuse the sheer oddity of the avatars.

If you're having a tough time getting some nice alternatives for lips, here are some fine recommendations. These snazzy lips look great without the need of puckering up the neck.

If you don't remember, go back to the "Don'ts" section to see - you know what? Don't go back up there. It's too hideous of a sight. We've transformed a layered mess into your run-of-the-mill citizen.

If you'd take a slight glimpse of our accessories tragedy on Side One, you'd see how removing two hands really makes a difference. Once the horrendously large hat was lifted from Side Two, there was a complete transformation. The newly placed barrette instead fits her five ounce head perfectly. Magnifique!

No more mutated citizens without heads anymore! All heads are intact with no sign of floating bodies. Where's that giraffe again? I can't seem to find it. It seems like a gorgeous girl took it's place. Who would've thought a bit of rearranging could make such an impact?

We saw this poor little girl wandering the streets of Whyville and noticed that she was defying not one, but all our rules of Whyville fashion. We had to change just about every part on her avatar in order to make it look presentable. And you can certainly see the results yourself!


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