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The Write For The Whyville Times Contest

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a great writer, or simply want to improve your skills? Do you wish to express your innermost feelings, inform others of an important topic, or put forward your point of view? Well, "The Write for The Whyville Times Contest" is for you! Don't fit any of the criteria above? Well, "The Write for The Whyville Times Contest" is still for you! "The Write for The Whyville Times Contest" is for everyone.

Introducing The write for the Whyville Times Contest

The purpose of this contest is to get more people writing, both in and outside of Whyville. It's also to expand the comfort zones of those who do write. To do this, each week I'll be coming up with a different topic in a different section of the times. E.g. Hottest Hobbies in the Hot Topics Section.

This is a contest that has a new winner each topic. Which means anyone can enter at any time (as long as you're entering with an article on that week's topic). So if you miss out on one topic, feel free to enter in any of the next. For most topics I'll give you a week to write, but for some that are exceptionally hard I may give you more time.

Want to enter, but how?

If you've never submitted to the Times before, this link will be useful:


Send an email to the Times Editor at times@whyville.net. In the subject line in this format put:

Type of Submission: Author, Title


Hot Topics: Zicker, Hottest Hobbies

Include a quick by-line introducing the article and you're good to go!

If you have trouble submitting your article, please Y-mail me and we will see if we can work around it. You can send your article in anonymously if you wish, just let me know so if you win I know who to send the reward to.

Don't want to write? Then encourage those that do!

The easiest way to do this is by voting each week. If you want to vote, please Y-Mail me the names and authors of your top 3 favorite articles in order of best to least best. Please be fair and vote according to the content of articles. Any votes from suspiciously side account looking accounts will not be counted. All votes sent to me will be seen by my eyes only.


The winner for each week will receive 25,000 clams, a reward part in the making by Hottrent1 and exclusive bragging rights.

This Week

The topic for this week is . . . A person you respect! This topic belongs in the People section of the Times. If you would like to enter for this topic then write an article about a person you respect during the week and submit it for next Sunday's Whyville Times Edition (Sunday 16th of June 2013) under the section 'People'. You could write about a relative, celebrity, Whyvillian or anyone at all in any way you like. Just make sure by the end of the article the audience will know why you respect that person. Happy writing!

Author's Note: I've already planned the majority of topics. However, I'm open to new suggestions. If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions please feel free to pitch them at me! Also, I give credit to richy605 whose idea of the photography contest gave me the idea to host this contest.


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