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Try-Outs for the Whyville Safety Patrol

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Try-Outs for the Whyville Safety Patrol

Times Writer & City Worker

As many of you know, the idea of a "Whyville Safety Patrol" has been floating around town for a long long time. Recently, many citizens have asked about expanding their responsibilities with the 911 reports -- see this week's article in the Scam Alert! section by Blueyez89, for example.

Inspired by this, and by the upcoming rush of new citizens we hope to see in the summer, we at City Hall have decided to begin try-outs for the first version of the Whyville Safety Patrol!

The rules are: quality quality quality. And a little bit of quantity, but make sure it's always quality! Specifically, all citizens should submit a 911 report every time they see an incident worthy of City Workers' attention. But, be sure you don't over do it! Filing a frivolous report will automatically take you out of the running!

If you're not sure what is worthy and what is frivolous, read the 911 reports rules.

At the end of the test period (the next week or two), City Hall will select those citizens whose reports are *always* on target to become the first members of the Patrol.

Patrol members will get a special Patrol Team hat and will take on extra responsibilities to help safeguard the well-being of our town. Patrol members will be expected to not abuse their powers in any way, whether by bragging about or using their position in selfish or corrupt ways. One slip-up and you'll lose your spot, so start good and stay good.

The try-out starts now -- get started! All good citizens naturally keep their eyes peeled, concerned for the safety of others as well as themselves. Join the Whyville Safety Patrol, and safety will become your middle name! :)




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