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Welcome back, my friends, to the second edition of "Price Punch". Here we strive to beat down some dollar signs, saving wallets everywhere while still looking good! And who doesn't love saving money? Except for those . . . weird few. Don't be weird, friends, don't be weird.

As you've chosen to keep reading, I'm going to assume you're classifying yourself as a member of the normal human population and want to save a little money. Today we're taking this mint and lace summer outfit and reducing the cost to less than a tenth of the price!

We'll start off with this Vila Femme Lace Tank Top with a price tag that's actually not all that terrible. However, there's almost always room for a little "price punch", as seen through World Pilot Fashion's version of the shirt, which reduces the price by a nice $7.00. If you're looking for something a little more casual, you can probably even find a cheaper lace tank top at your local mall or market.

A pair of cute mint colored shorts is great for almost any summer outing, whether it be to the beach or your local fair. I've seen quite a few shops that carry them, but through my searches, these $10 shorts from Wet Seal seemed to take the cake.

I absolutely fell in love with these flats when I saw them, as they would be a lightweight, cool, and practical summer shoe. I did a little searching on Polyvore and was surprised to find an almost exact pair for almost $20 less at Macy's. Never think you can't find the same looks you love at a lower price!

As for the bag, I found this woven chevron clutch at Charlotte Russe that would work equally well with the outfit as the pricier MAC wristlet. I actually found myself liking the way it looked with the outfit more so than the bag from shopbop.com, and if given the choice of having either purse free of charge, I would probably go with the cheaper one!

And of course the jewelry, which although is usually the more expensive part of the outfit, also tends to be the easiest price to punch. This Long Gemstone Statement Necklace from Wet Seal is a great, practical alternative to the Nan Fusco Trifecta Necklace which keeps the outfit looking fun. Likewise, the bracelet set from Charlotte Russe will not only save you money, but adds in a splash of mint to go with the outfit.

Here we have our finished look, with a punching power of $902.50! Of course these particular items aren't the only options for this reduced-cost outfit. With a little searching, you could find almost any of these items at your local shops, malls, and markets, and punch down those prices on your own!

Until next time!


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