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Stop the Itching

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I live in the South, and during the Spring, Summer and Fall, that means most of us walk around with big, bright red, itching bumps! That's right, the mosquitoes are out. And somehow they always seem worse than last year. Maybe I'm just sweet-natured :), but I always seem to have at least 10 bites on my legs and arms.

In an effort to find some relief, I decided to look up some home remedies to help ease the itching and pain. So if you're dealing with the annoying little buggers, then keep reading!

Banana Peel

They do more than provide potassium! Apparently the inner skin of a banana peel has magical powers . . . or just the ability to sooth bug bites. Place it on a bug bite for 90 minutes. Then wash and apply sanitizer. But then you have to sit with a banana on you for 90 minutes . . .


This seems obvious. Ice heals everything! The coldness of the ice helps bring down inflammation, one of the main causes for the pain and itching.

Baking Soda

Fun for science experiments, and also good to take out the sting. Make a paste with water and apply. You'll have relief before no time!

Natural Oils

Certain oils, like lavender or tea tree can help ease your suffering. Apply with a cotton ball or q-tip, and the anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties will start to do the job.


Now I know you all have this in your house, for your healthy teeth! But did you know it can also act as an antihistamine? Flouride is the surprise ingredient that will bring you relief in minutes.

Preparation H

Well, most of you probably have never used this for what is intended . . . however, because it is used to bring down swelling it does the job! PS . . . it also works wonders on bags under your eyes!


Similar to toothpaste maybe? Not sure why this one works, but give it a try!


It's summer, right? Time to get dirty! Take a mud bath, then let it dry. After rinsing your scratching should be limited.


Another thing that heals all! Aspirin has strong anti-inflammatory properties. If you crush it, make a paste, and cover it with a bandage, it should start to work overnight. Also, always good to have aspirin on hand if someone near you has a heart attack. It can save a life!

I hope these home remedies will bring you some relief. Taking my Off with me and heading outside!


Author's Note: Source: http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/take-charge/9-surprising-home-remedies-insect-bites-stings.html


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