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Safari Here We Come!

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Safari Here We Come!

Guest Writer

Ok, well, as I've noticed scrolling through my lil' log book for the Solstice Safari, many people have signed up! But not a lot of them have teams. =\ You guys should really join up, because you can't play without a team! =)

Anywho, once you sign up for a team, don't hesitate to start because this thing moves fast, and you want to be sure to get the extra salary points! For those who don't get the safari, all you have to do is go to the Warp Wagon, go to the places they tell you, click on the robot, and once he says to click on him to save it... well... do that... and then you can go onto the next stop! Make sure you do all the graphs to get credit though!

Another important thing: make sure to keep up with your team's BBS so you actually know what's going on! If you don't do anything with your solstice safari team, you'll most likely get kicked off the team. =\ Not good! So hurry up!

If you have friends on your team, you might want to coax them to actually work at it too; you don't want them kicked off either, do ya?

Hope y'all have fun while doin' the Safari!



Times Writer

It's Solstice Safari time once again! Good news!

There are probably a few people who need to be filled in on what the Solstice Safari is. Never fear, the Great Giggler01 is here to save the day (no matter how long it is, LoL (Okay, that was slightly lame, I admit.))

Anyway, you can sign up for the Solstice Safari over at Tiki Tours. If you haven't gotten around to this, I would suggest you get your head in gear! This great chance to raise your salary and get a bonus only happens twice a year, around the time of the solstice and equinox.

This is quite possibly my favorite game. It does take a lot of time, I warn you right now. But you do this with a team! There are several teams of up to twenty people, so if you haven't gotten on a team yet, that is your next step.

Every couple of weeks, more stops will be unveiled. There are thirteen in all, but you can only be a part of the last one if you complete all twelve before it. The reason? The last stop is on Mars, and what if you aren't qualified to go to Mars?

Anyway, I think that people should really want to take part in this Expedition of a lifetime. You will learn a lot, and the people are great!


p.s. Oh, and just so as you all know why I'm pushing this safari is because I was on the same team last year. We got second place, and I got my salary raised by 10 clams, as well as a 90 clam bonus. I didn't even get finish the thing! It is totally worth it!


Times Writer

Heyla Whyvillians!

Zoey100 back again. I wanted to just tell you all the other things I'm learning besides the sun rising and setting from the safari. Like all of the people that are from around the world on just my team! Got a Sydney, Paris, some Canada, and even someone who lives in my own hometown!

This is a great new way to meet people and raise your salary along with it. When I first started in Whyville, I heard that the safari was stupid and really hard, but I still tried it last winter. I'll admit, I didn't try very hard. So I didn't raise my salary at all. But now I'm really trying this summer! And I'm actually getting it! And also meeting new people.

My Whyville goal for this year is to get my salary to at least 100 clams per day before Christmas. And at this rate, I just might do it! I want all of you to at least try and sign up for the safari and raise your salary. It isn't that hard if you just READ THE DIRECTIONS!!! LoL. Hope you all are having as much fun as I am!




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